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Dark Horse: Solicitations For December 2013

Dark Horse have sent out their solicitations for December 2013, including 5 Star Wars comic book titles, a trade paperback, and a hardcover...

The Physics Of ‘Star Wars’ By Professor Patrick Johnson, PhD

A new book called The Physics of Star Wars by Georgetown University physics Professor Patrick Johnson, PhD, arrives on Nov. 18th.

Star Wars Rebels Magazine #4

Issue 4 of the #starwars #rebels magazine now on new stands in the UK #egmont A photo posted by JediNews.co.uk...

‘Bantha Tracks’ Will Be Changing In ‘Star Wars Insider’ #172

An exciting new look for Bantha Tracks is coming soon.

Marvel Comics E: More Comics, first cover

2015 is definitely almost here as Marvel are set to print over 50 Dark Horse Star Wars series as e books. ...

LEGO Magazine #14 From Egmont Out Today

LEGO magazine #14 from Egmont is here...

Del Rey Post First Excerpt From Kenobi

It's already getting great word of mouth out in review land with some saying it's the best novel since Luke Skywalker and the...

Official Site: Parenting Padawans: 5 Reasons Vintage Storybooks Stand The Test Of Time

Remember the vintage storybooks from back in the day? Jamie Greene is here to tell you why they remain just as awesome as ever...

The New York Times: Obi-Wan and Anakin Graphic Novel In At Number Two

Anakin and Obi-Wan graphic novel shows the power of the prequel era...

Celebrate Star Wars And Reading This October

DK have launched their Star Wars Reads programme for October.

Star Wars Bookworms #1: Dawn of the Scoundrels

Join Teresa and Aaron for the first episode of Star Wars Bookworms. In this very first episode Teresa...

Official Site: Star Wars Weekly #5: The Titanic Terror Of Death Star!

My latest blog lands on StarWars.com and the official StarWars.com app as I take a look at issue 5 of...

The Art of The Force Awakens Book Project

Here is a unique project that we are getting behind here at Jedi News. Neil Ellis, a model maker on The Force Awakens,...

Frankfurt Book Fair Star Wars Displays

Our friends at Jedi Bibliothek were at Frankfurt Book Fair this past week, and used the opportunity to launch their instagram account - check out their coverage!

Star Wars Bookworms #36: A Shattered Legacy

Join Teresa and Aaron for the latest episode of Star Wars Bookworms. In this episode of Star Wars Bookworms we...

Riz Ahmed Chats Rogue One With Gentleman’s Journal

Riz Ahmed talks Rogue One with Gentleman's Journal

Take Cover: Episode 12

Join Team Jedi News for the latest episode of Take Cover

‘Rogue One”s Riz Ahmed Shares His Childhood ‘Star Wars’ Drawings

Riz Ahmed is one talented guy

ThrawnCast 2.7: The Dark Force Rises

Dig into chapters 25- 29 of Dark Force Rising on the ThrawnCast

The Last Jedi: Number 11 On New York Times Paperback Mass-Market Fiction List

The Last Jedi by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff hits number 11 on the New York Times Paperback Mass-Market Fiction List....

Three Distinct Editions & Covers For ‘Star Wars: Thrawn’ Novel

There will be 3 different covers for the upcoming Zahn-penned novel, including "an extra special gift" for those who purchase the Celebration Orlando 2017 limited edition.

Jedi News Comic Review: Star Wars Purge Trade Paperback

“Darth Vader brings death to the Jedi who survived Order 66. His legend grows as he roots out Jedi, crushing their lives, their hopes, and all memory of their kind from the civilizations that now bow to the Galactic Empire”

Western Reaches #11

It's time to join Megan and Saf for episode of Western Reaches 11, brought to you by Majestic Giraffe Productions.

‘Star Wars Insider’ #172 Celebration Orlando 2017 Exclusive Covers

Add these two Celebration Orlando exclusive covers to your Insider collection this week.

Official Site: 5 Behind The Scenes Details Of ‘Rebel Rising’

James Floyd writing at the official site chats Rebel Rising with author Beth Revis.
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