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J.W. Rinzler: The Rise And Fall Of ‘Star Wars’

Jonathan Rinzler begins a blog journey through his years at Lucasfilm.

Far Far Away: ‘Star Wars’ Books On A Budget

How to build your Star Wars novel library on a budget.

Does New ‘Darth Vader’ Comic Explain Luke Skywalker’s Exile?

The second issue in this new series may offer up some details on the impetus behind Luke going into hiding.

New DK LEGO Book Announced

DK's newest LEGO guide arrives October 2017.

First Excerpt From ‘Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad’

Get a taste of this new novel.

Marvel Comics Solicitations For September 2017

Marvel have released their solicitations for September 2017.

Official Site: Comic Book Galaxy: How Marvel’s New ‘Darth Vader’ #1 Deepens Our Understanding...

Dan Zehr looks at the months comics in the latest edition of Comic Book Galaxy.

Take Cover: Episode 18

Join Brian, Matt and Mark for episode 18 of Take Cover.

First Look At Captain Phasma #1

We get a first look at the first issue of Marvels Captain Phasma.

Legends Library: New Jedi Order Part 4

Quietly enter the Legends Library.

‘Star Wars’ Adventures: Creative Teams and Storylines Revealed

More news comes in regarding Star Wars Adventures from IDW.

Cam Kennedy Art: Open For Commissions

Cam Kennedy is open for art commissions and original art sales.

Comic Review: Darth Vader (2017) #1

A review of Marvel Comics Darth Vader #1

This Is What Happened To Yoda’s Lightsaber After Episode III

Find out the fate of the Jedi Master's green-bladed weapon.

CBR Interview IDW President, Talk ‘Star Wars’ Adventures

IDW prepare to release Star Wars Adventures.

‘Doctor Aphra’ #7: The Screaming Citadel Part #3

Screaming Citadel continues with part 3, Doctor Aphra #7.

Ion Cannon #92: Rebel Rising / Guardians of the Whills

Join your hosts Tom, Stephen, and William as they review Star Wars: Rebel Rising by Beth Revis and Star Wars: Guardians of the Whills...

‘Star Wars’ Bookworms #74: Aphra Down

Join Teresa and Aaron for the latest Star Wars Bookworms.

Here’s How The Sith Construct Their Red Lightsabers

You gotta feel bad for kyber crystals once the Sith get their hands on them.

LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Magazine #24 From Egmont Out Now

LEGO Magazine #24 from Egmont is here, and comes with a A-wing Starfighter.

Comics With Kenobi #31

Grab a cup of java and join Jeff McGee and Matt Moore for the latest Comics With Kenobi.

‘Star Wars’ #31: The Screaming Citadel Part #2

Steve Potter reviews issue 31 of Star Wars, the second part of Screaming Citadel.

Cheap Marvel ‘Star Wars’ Comics On Kindle

Very useful news comes in from Jedi News reader Danny Pratt, helpful for anyone who collects Marvel comics on the Kindle. Hi, thought you might...

io9: How Wookieepedia Tackles Chronicling The ‘Star Wars’ Universe

io9 take a look at Wookieepedia and their ongoing mission to catalogue both canon and Legends.

‘Star Wars’: The Screaming Citadel (2017) #1

The Screaming Citadel launches with a blast.
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