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LEGO Breaks Guinness World Record With 36,440 Stormtrooper Minifigures at Star Wars Celebration Chicago

LEGO gathered an entire legion of Stormtroopers in order to achieve a Guinness World Records title for largest display of LEGO Star Wars minifigures featuring 36,440 stormtroopers.

LEGO Announce Tantive IV (Set #75244)

Here is the latest announcement from LEGO -- Tantive IV (set #75244) will be available from May 3rd. Read on for the press release and image gallery.

The Greatest Battles Built Since 1999 – Celebrating 20 Years of LEGO Star Wars...

Twenty years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the LEGO Star Wars collaboration entered the lives of millions of children and fans around the world.

Egmont’s LEGO Star Wars Magazine #46 Out Now

Egmont's LEGO Star Wars Magazine #46 is out now, and comes with a 37-piece mini build of a U-Wing from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story alongside a previously released set.

LEGO House Fan Evening Celebrating 20 Years of LEGO Star Wars

Last Friday evening, LEGO House in Billund celebrated 20 years of LEGO Star Wars.

LEGO Ideas Competition – LEGO Star Wars: The Greatest Battles Built by You!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars, the LEGO Ideas team have an awesome competition for you!

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen Steps Down from the Board of Directors of LEGO A/S

The LEGO Group announced that Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen is stepping down from the Board of Directors of LEGO A/S.

LEGO Speed Champions Reveals Life-size McLaren Senna

The LEGO Group reveal a life-size version of the McLaren Senna.

LEGO Group Triumphs over Chinese Imitator in Trademark Battle

The LEGO Group has taken another step forward in the ongoing battle against those companies that continue to imitate and offer inferior quality products.

LEGO Tower Mobile Game Announced

The most awesome LEGO idle simulation mobile game LEGO Tower is on its way!

Blocks Issue 54: LEGO Overwatch Arrives

Issue 54 of Blocks magazine is packed full of LEGO builds and reviews, and looks at the arrival of LEGO Overwatch.

LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (set# 21317) Available from 1st April

LEGO today share the press release for LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (set #21317) and announce its availability to all from 1st April.

New LEGO Star Wars Polybags Found Alongside 20th Anniversary Sets

New LEGO Star Wars polybags have been found in Target in the US, alongside the 20th Anniversary sets that have been put on shelves early.

Brickish Association Returns to National Space Centre this Weekend

Brickish Association returns to the National Space Centre in Leicester this weekend for two days of LEGO activities including some amazing displays.

Immediate Media Launches New Star Wars Galaxy Magazine in UK

Immediate Media launches a new Star Wars magazine in the UK called Star Wars Galaxy Magazine.

Egmont’s LEGO Star Wars Magazine #45 Out Now

Egmont's LEGO Star Wars Magazine #45 is out now, and comes with a Boba Fett's Slave I from The Empire Strikes Back.

LEGO Group Returns to Profit in 2018

The LEGO Group today released its financial results for 2018, reporting an increase in sales and profit.

LEGO Star Wars: Visual Dictionary New Edition Minifigure Revealed

The third edition of LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary will be available in early April with an exclusive minifigure of Finn in bacta suit from The Last Jedi.

Blocks Issue 53: Behind the Scenes of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Issue 53 of Blocks magazine is packed full of LEGO builds and reviews, and goes behind-the-scenes on The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.

Ion Cannon #271: Resistance 117 “The Core Problem”

Ion Cannon #271 blasts off.

LEGO Ideas Second 2018 Review Results

Over the past several months, the LEGO Review Board has taken lots of time to review the 10 creative product ideas that reached 10,000 supporters between May and September 2018.

TFNY 2019: LEGO Star Wars Official Images

Here is a gallery of the official images of the LEGO Star Wars reveals from Toy Fair earlier this morning.... LEGO Star Wars Duel...

LEGO The Flintstones (Set #21316) Announced at Toy Fair

LEGO have announced The Flintstones (#21316) available to LEGO VIP's from 20th February 2019.

Smyths Toys: LEGO Make & Take Event!

Early alarm clock calls need to be set for Smyths Toys 'Make and Take' event celebrating the launch of The LEGO Movie 2 at all their UK stores this Saturday 16th February.

Almsot All of LEGO Star Wars Sets Rebuilt at Concordia Elementary School in California

Jeanna Bassett's LEGO Star Wars collection, at Concordia Elementary School in California, has been put back together, brick by brick.

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