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Ion Cannon #268: Resistance 114 “The Doza Dilemma”

Ion Cannon #268 blasts off.

Ion Cannon #267: Resistance 113 “Dangerous Business”

Ion Cannon #267 blasts off.

Interview with the Designers of LEGO’s Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Revealed (#70840)

Jedi News and Brickset interview Justin Ramsden and Paul Constantin Turcanu, the set and graphic designers, for LEGO's Welcome to Apocalypseburg!

Ion Cannon #266: Resistance 112 “Bibo”

Ion Cannon #266 blasts off.

Natalie Portman Discusses the Padme Amidala in Episode IX Rumour

Natalie Portman discusses the rumour that she'll be back for Episode IX.

Charles Soule Interviewed By Kristin Baver For StarWars.com

Darth Vader #25 is probably the most anticipated Star Wars comic from Marvel this year and no doubt it will be talked about a...

Ion Cannon #265: Executive Producers Bill Motz and Bob Roth on LEGO Star Wars...

Ion Cannon #265 blasts off with executive producers Bill Motz and Bob Roth on LEGO Star Wars All-Stars.

The Star Wars Archives Author Paul Duncan Talks George Lucas and the Making of...

Alex Kane talks to Paul Duncan, the author of Taschen's new 600-page book The Star Wars Archives: 1977–1983.

Ashley Eckstein — What’s in your Bag and More?

The Verge catches up with Ashley Eckstein to talk about Her Universe, Ahsoka Tano and find out what's in her bag.

Andy Serkis Opens Up About Snoke’s Fate in The Last Jedi – “I wish...

Andy Serkis speaks about how Snoke in The Last Jedi unexpectedly bit the bullet, and gives Kylo Ren some advice.

Mark Watters Talks About Directing a Live Orchestra for A New Hope

CNET talk to six-time Emmy Award winner Mark Watters about directing a live orchestra soundtrack A New Hope.

Ben Mendelsohn on Captain Marvel Script, Rogue One Reshoots & Robin Hood

Ben Mendelsohn talks about the Captain Marvel script, the infamous Rogue One reshoots, and his portayl of the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood.

Simon Pegg: New Star Wars Films Missing George Lucas

Simon Pegg talks about how he thinks the imagination of George Lucas is missing from the sequels.

Jedi News Interviews: Michael Moreci

Mark Alders recently had a chance to catch up with Star Wars Adventures and Flight of the Falcon author, Michael Moreci.

Jedi News Interviews: Amy Ratcliffe

We interview Amy Ratcliffe about her new book, Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy from Chronicle Books.

Pippa Anderson Talks: Film Editor on Solo: A Star Wars Story

Pippa Anderson, film editor at Lucasfilm, talks about her life in the male-dominated film industry and more besides.

Josh Brener, Voice Of Neeku Vozo In Star Wars Resistance, Talks To StarWars.com

Get to know more about another "Team Fireball" crew member.

Star Wars Is BACK…. On TV with Star Wars Resistance!

Read all the details, including interviews with the cast and crew, from the recent Star Wars Resistance press day.

Christopher Sean, Voice Of Kaz In Star Wars Resistance, Talks To StarWars.com

Get to know the voice behind Kaz.

Lucasfilm’s Dan Brooks Interviews Enfys Nest Actress Erin Kellyman

Learn more about the actress behind this masked marauder.

Quick Look: Star Wars Resistance Press Day

A quick look at yesterday's Star Wars Resistance Press Day.

Fangirls Going Rogue Priority Transmission #11: Ashley Eckstein

Join Fangirls Going Rogue with their latest Priority Transmission featuring an interview with Ashley Eckstein.

How Gareth Edwards’ Style Is Unique Among Star Wars Directors

Warwick Davis discusses how Gareth Edwards' directorial style helped him explore the character of Weeteef Cyubee in more detail.

Star Wars Interviews – Volume 1: The Original Trilogy and Expanded Universe

Star Wars Interviews – Volume 1: The Original Trilogy and Expanded Universe; a brand new book from Pulp Hero Press available now.

Jedi News Interviews: Cavan Scott

Steve Galloway recently had the opportunity to speak to Cavan Scott about his career as an author.

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