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RADIO 1138: Episode 1

This is London Calling; after too long in gestation we are delighted to finally announce RADIO 1138 with our great friends at...

Jedi News Exclusive Excerpt: Dave Filoni on RebelForce Radio 18th October 2013

Filoni joins the latest episode of Rebel Force Radio

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Interview with Randy Stradley & Douglas Wheatley

The ever-active Jawa James of Club Jade brings us another interview, this time with Dark Horse duo Randy Stradley and...

Star Wars Celebration Europe: Warwick Chats with the Five Fetts

Warwick Davis interviews the Fetts at Celebration Essen

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Interview With J.W. Rinzler

Check out this interview with author J.W. Rinzler conducted by Jawa James at Club Jade in which he speaks about his upcoming The...

15 Quickfire Questions: Cory Clubb of Coffee With Kenobi

Rob over at the ever-excellent The Bearded Trio brings us the second part of his chat with the team behind Coffee With Kenobi,...

BayouCon 2013: John ‘Dak’ Morton Appearing June 29th – 30th

John Morton will be appearing at BayouCon 2013

John ‘Dak’ Morton At BSI Comics, New Orleans Friday June 28th

John Morton is on the road again

The Bearded Trio: Quickfire Questions With Eric Blythe and Eric Geller

Rob over at the ever-excellent The Bearded Trio has a double whammy of guests this week, as the two Eric's Blythe and...

Jedi News Comic Review: Star Wars #4

In the Shadow of Yavin: Part Four As the euphoria over their destruction of the Death Star begins...

The Bearded Trio: Quick Fire Questions – Jimmy Mac Of Rebel Force Radio

Jimmy Mac answers 15 questions over at The Bearded Trio

Roqoo Depot: Our Interview with Martha Wells

Our pals at Roqoo Depot have posted this great interview with Rebels series writer Martha Wells...

Jedi News Exclusive: RebelForce Radio Excerpt With Matt Lanter

Rebel Force Radio welcomes Matt Lanter to the second episode of their new podcast

Jedi News Exclusive: Rebel Force Radio 1st Episode Excerpt With Dave Filoni

Rebel Force Radio chat with the big cheese himself Dave Filoni

Galactic Hunter: Steve Sansweet’s Ultimate Action Figure Collection Interview

Our friends at Galactic Hunter recently interviewed our monthly Curto Burns Collectors Cast guest Steve Sansweet discussing the Star Wars: The Ultimate...

10 Questions with Star Wars Mega Collector Steve Sansweet

As Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection hits stores worldwide the Curto Burns Collectors Casts regular and very special...

David Collins Interview

Our latest guest is the lead sound designer for LucasArts, a voice director, voice actor, musician and was once...

Geekadelphia Focuses on Paul Harrison

Our The Force United buddy over at Jedi Temple Archives Paul Harrison has been spotlighted on the brilliantly named Geekadelphia. Talking...

Star Wars Insider #134 Arrives

Issue #134 of the Star Wars Insider is now out worldwide, and as ever it's packed with a glut of great news...

Anthony Daniels (aka C-3P0) answers your questions!

The team over at JCPR and Microsoft have pointed us in the direction of this fascinating Q&A with C-3PO himself, Anthony Daniels....

Eric Walker Interviewed at TeeKay-421

Back in May 2011 our good friend Tim Veekhoven of Belgian magazine TeeKay-421 Magazine interviewed the original Mace, Eric Walker. With...

Warwick Davis – TeeKay-421 Audio Interview – Part 2

Back in July 2011 I had the chance to put some questions to Warwick Davis on behalf of Jedi News...

Warwick Davis – TeeKay-421 Audio Interview – Part 1

Back in July 2011 I had the chance to put some questions to Warwick Davis on behalf of Jedi News...

Ryder Windham Interview

He’s the author of numerous novels, comics and publications, released Young Adult novels and headed LucasArts projects. TeeKay-421 and Jedi News...

Dave Filoni – The Jedi News 3rd Birthday Interview

As part of our birthday celebrations we always like to give something back and first off, here's our interview with our good friend...

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