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Author Daniel Wallace Takes Fans ‘On The Front Lines’ Of Epic ‘Star Wars’ Battles

Over at the official site, Dan Wallace discusses his latest book Star Wars On The Front Lines.

Sci-Fi Central: Ben Burtt Cameos & Wilhelm Screaming

DJ catches up with audio legend Ben Burtt

How Gareth Edwards’ Style Is Unique Among Star Wars Directors

Warwick Davis discusses how Gareth Edwards' directorial style helped him explore the character of Weeteef Cyubee in more detail.

Ion Cannon #269: Resistance 115 “The First Order Occupation”

Ion Cannon #269 blasts off.

‘Rogue One’ Editor John Gilroy Talks About The Film’s Dramatic Third Act

Insight from one of the editors of the film.

Dave Filoni On Sabine’s Backstory, The Darksaber, Mandalore, & More

Lots of storylines in this week's episode of Star Wars Rebels. Dave Filoni shares some of the exciting details in this latest piece.

Ion Cannon #268: Resistance 114 “The Doza Dilemma”

Ion Cannon #268 blasts off.

Frank Oz On ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, Yoda, & The Backlash

Collider caught up with Frank Oz talking about Muppet Guys Talking, and towards the end of the interview they discussed the return of Yoda in The Last Jedi,

Delilah S Dawson On Exploring The First Order’s Ruthless Captain In ‘Phasma’

James Floyd sits down with Delilah S Dawson to discuss Phasma.

RADIO 1138: Episode 29

We're back with the latest episode of RADIO 1138 featuring two very special guests - Dave Filoni and Roger Christian! The Force...

‘Rogue One’ Editors Reveal Details/New Scenes Added During Reshoots

Editors John Gilroy and Colin Goudie chatted with Yahoo Movies UK to discuss their roles on Rogue One.

‘Star Wars Forces Of Destiny’: Rose & Paige

The latest Force of Destiny comic from IDW links to The Last Jedi, and more specifically the characters of Rose & Paige Tico.

Competition Reminder: Time Is Running Out!

You gotta be in it to win it!

New Lightsabre Interviews

Our great friends at Lightsabre have got two new interviews for your enjoyment... First up is Steve Anderson, an artist who's work...

Jetset Magazine Interview With Donnie Yen And His Influence On His Rogue One Character

Actor Donnie Yen talks about his Rogue One character Chirrut Imwe and more in this latest interview.

Sci-Fi Central: Roger Christian on the Used Universe Set Dresser

DJ catches up with the academy award winning Roger Christian.

Sci-Fi Central: Bonus – Irvin Kershner Part 1

Watch the great Irvin Kershner at Celebration IV in LA back in 2007.

Sci-Fi Central: Tim Dry As Whiphid In ‘Return of the Jedi’

DJ talks Yak Face with Tim Dry

Lightsabre Interview: Dennis Muren

Our good friends at Lightsabre.co.uk have caught up with the man behind no less than eight oscars for his special effects work...Mr Dennis Muren.  Take...

RADIO 1138: Episode 58

Mark and James catch up with Ian McElhinney, Guy Henry, Gary Whitta and the SFB Team in episode 58 of RADIO 1138.

‘Star Wars Kirigami’ Author Marc Hagan-Guirey Talks Papercrafting A Galaxy

James Floyd at StarWars.com talks to Marc Hagan-Guirey about his new book and the amazing creations within it.

Star Wars Celebration Europe: Warwick Chats with the Five Fetts

Warwick Davis interviews the Fetts at Celebration Essen

Skytalkers – E.K. Johnston & Reading Your Padmé Letters

Skytalkers - join Charlotte Errity and Caitlin Plesher as they talk about pressing and existing topics in the Star Wars universe.

Sci-Fi Central: Cathy Munroe Was Zuckuss

UK actress Cathy Monroe had 2 roles in The Empire Strikes Back, hear how she brought on of the Biggest Bounty Surprises, as she played Zuckuss

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