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Tom Hodges Interview at Lightsabre

Although we weren't able to get to the Bath Childrens Literary Festival last Saturday week, our good friends at Lightsabre did.  There they...

Sci-Fi Central: Pam Rose And The Egghead Headcast

Let's join Darryl James for his chat with Star Wars actress Pam Rose...

Official Site: Force Of Fashion: Ashley Eckstein On Her Universe, ‘Rogue One’ Fashion, And...

The voice of Her Universe talks Rogue One, THAT LEGO dress and more...

Felicity Jones Talks Rogue One On Empire Podcast

Felicity Jones talks Rogue One and more on the Empire podcast

RADIO 1138: Episode 15

It's time to join Mark Newbold and James Burns for the latest episode of RADIO 1138. Why are we feeling good?...

Geek Culture: Donnie Yen Rogue One Interview

Geek Culture catches up with Donnie Yen

The Cast Of ‘Rogue One’ Interviewed On Latest RADIO 1138

The cast of Rogue One talk to Jedi News on the latest episode of RADIO 1138

Sci-Fi Central: Felix Silla – a Giant in Sci Fi

DJ catxches up with one of the heroic ewoks of Return of the Jedi, Felix Silla

Dave Filoni On Having Obi-Wan Kenobi Appear In ‘Star Wars Rebels’

One of the most exciting upcoming parts of Season 3 is explained a little more.

Laura Dern Praises Rian Johnson For His Work On ‘The Last Jedi’

She says "he’s the guy to watch."

RADIO 1138: Episode 62

Join Mark for an extra, interview heavy episode of RADIO 1138.

RADIO 1138: Episode 65

Join Mark and James for a packed 65th episode of RADIO 1138.

Oscar Isaac’s Friend Has A Role In ‘The Last Jedi’

Being acquainted with Isaac has its perks.

Reminder Two Weeks Till Soundstage Events Presents Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins, design supervisor for Lucasfilm and Supervising Art Director for ILM, is the latest guest to talk shop at Soundstage.

Full Of Sith Episode CCLVII: Richard Edlund & Tom Spina

It's time to join the team for the latest episode of Full of Sith.

Jake Lunt Davies, Creature Concept Designer, Talks To StarWarsInterviews.com

StarWarsInterviews.com talks to Jake Lunt Davies, Creature Concept Designer of all four new Star Wars movies, about his experiences working on the films and more.

Radio Times Interview: Richard E. Grant Discusses Episode IX Role

Richard E. Grant briefly discusses his role in Episode IX with Radio Times, and also that he still has his original Star Wars toys from the 70's.

Ion Cannon #266: Resistance 112 “Bibo”

Ion Cannon #266 blasts off.

Coffee With Kenobi #273: Celebration Chicago Day Four

Join Dan and co for episode 273 of Coffee With Kenobi.

Jon Favreau Interviewed on The Empire Podcast about The Mandalorian

The latest episode of The Empire Podcast features an interview with Jon Favreau talking about The Lion King and The Mandalorian.

The Soundtrack Show #64: The Nightmare Before Christmas – the Music (Part I)

David Collins is the host of the weekly podcast The Soundtrack Show, and here's Ep. 64 -- The Nightmare Before Christmas - the Music (Part I).

Gina Carano Talks Her Debut in The Mandalorian, Significance of Cara Dune’s Tattoo

What's the deal with Dune's tattoo under her eye?

Steve Sansweet 2nd Anniversary Interview – Part 2

As part of our 2nd Birthday present to you, we interviewed Steve Sansweet - Author, Super Collector, Director of Content...

Heads Up: New RADIO 1138 Coming Wednesday 17th February At 5.01 GMT

Set your chronometers for Wednesday 17th February at 5.01 GMT as the 38th episode of RADIO 1138 lands right here on Jedi...

Jedi News Interview: Jay Little

It is my esteemed pleasure to welcome Jay Little, the designer of Edge of Empire, Age of Rebellion and Force...

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