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The Soundtrack Show #56: Raiders of the Lost Ark: the Music (Part II)

David Collins is the host of the weekly podcast The Soundtrack Show, and here's Ep. 56 -- Raiders of the Lost Ark: the Music (Part II)

Sci-Fi Central: Andy Secombe: Voicing Watto & Almost Binks

DJ catches up with the voice of Watto Andy Secombe.

Jedi Business Talk Episode 7: Collecting Astromechs With Lee Towersey

Welcome to episode 7 of J.B.T. - Jedi Business Talk with your host Criz Bee and guest Lee Towersey.

Sci-Fi Central: Jack Klaff The Exploding Red 4

Jack Klaff joins Darryl James over at Sci-Fi Central to discuss his role in the classic film...

LucasFilm shows off its secrets

Click Online, the website that accompany's the BBC's flagship technology programme, posted an article last Friday that talks about Industrial Light and Magic's work...

Vogue: 73 Questions With Daisy Ridley

Daisy answers 73 questions for Vogue on Star Wars and much more.

Sci-Fi Central: Anthony Phelan Who Played Lama Su

Via our good buddy Daryl James, here's an interview with the man behind Attack of the Clones character Lama Su, Anthony Phelan....

Werner Herzog Discusses Why He Didn’t Need to Watch Star Wars Films for The...

Werner Herzog talks about his role in The Mandalorian and why he didn’t need to watch the Star Wars films for the role.

John Williams Originally Thought Luke & Leia Would Become Lovers

During Tracy Smith's interview with John Williams for CBS Sunday Morning, the legendary conductor revealed that he thought Luke and Leia would become romantically involved.

Gareth Edwards Comments On Those Rogue One Reshoots

See what the director had to say about that hot-button Rogue One reshoots topic.

Reminder: RADIO 1138: Episode 11

It came out last Friday just a few short hours before the 'big show', RebelForce Radio so you might have missed it....

‘Clone Wars’ Conversations Ep. 5: Sam Witwer “The Jedi & the Sith” Part 1

Episode 5 of Clone Wars conversations focuses on Sam Witwer.

Sci-Fi Central: Jeremy Bulloch – Fett Bothers Fett

DJ catches up with the one and only Jeremy Bulloch.

Sci-Fi Central: Trevor Butterfield a Man Behind Many Masks

Trevor Butterfield is another one of the Star Wars performers who had multiple roles in the saga

ForceCast Author Series with Special Guest Ryder Windham

The ForceCast Author Series with Ryder Windham, author of latest Haynes Manual, Star Wars: Rebel Starfighters Owner's Workshop Manual.

Rebels Chat Episode 75: Sam Witwer Interview

Johnamarie and Marie catch up with the man himself, Sam Witwer.

John Morton Interviewed By Elstree Express

John chats with the Elstree Base of the Rebel Legion

RADIO 1138: Episode 53

Neal Scanlan and Dan Zehr join us on a Gillette-packed episode 53 of RADIO 1138

Soundstage Events: Nina Fallon Wednesday August 16th 2017

Nina Fallon is the latest guest to talk shop at Soundstage.

Sci-Fi Central: Salo Gardner Egged On By OB1

Sci-Fi Centrals DJ chats with TFA performer Salo Gardner.

Star Wars Insider #134 Arrives

Issue #134 of the Star Wars Insider is now out worldwide, and as ever it's packed with a glut of great news...

Heads Up: New RADIO 1138 Coming Wednesday 13th At 5.01 GMT

New RADIO 1138 heading your way Wednesday...

The Soundtrack Show #58: Raiders of the Lost Ark: the Music (Part IV)

David Collins is the host of the weekly podcast The Soundtrack Show, and here's Ep. 58 -- Raiders of the Lost Ark: the Music (Part IV)

Skywalking Through Neverland #171: Creature Performer Dee Tails

Join the Skywalkers for the latest episode of Skywalking Through Neverland.

Sci-Fi Central: Rick McCallum Producing for George Lucas

Sci-Fi Central sit down with prequels producer Rick Mccallum...

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