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Sci-Fi Central: John Coppinger The Jabba Sculptor & Extra Roles

DJ chats with Jabba builder and operator John Coppinger

Adam Driver Interview At Esquire

Adam Driver discusses his life and career over at Esquire, including a brief mention of The Force Awakens. He got...

RADIO 1138: Episode 35

It's time to join Mark Newbold and James Burns for the latest episode of RADIO 1138, brought to you by the Jedi...

RADIO 1138: Episode 54

Join us from Petaluma, Birmingham, London and a car park for episode 54 of RADIO 1138

BBC Newsround: Miriam Burns On Red Carpet Getty Images Photos

Getty Images captured Jedi News padawan reporter Miriam interviewing Felicity Jones, Forest Whitaker and others on the red carpet

Official Site: Charting The Galaxy: An Interview With ‘Star Wars Galactic Maps’ Illustrator Tim...

James Floyd talks to Galactic Maps/Atlas illustrator Tim McDonagh

Sci-Fi Central: Paul Springer – Gamorrean Grabs Solo

DJ chats with Return of the Jedi performer Paul Springer

Gary Whitta Says Future ‘Star Wars’ Films Won’t Be Based On Legacy Characters

Lucasfilm wants to expand the universe George Lucas created with all-new content.

Sci-Fi Central: Ron Hone – Close to Killing Hamill

Ron Hone is DJ's guest in the latest Sci-Fi Central interview.

Brickset Interview with LEGO BrickHeadz Designers Austin & Marcos

Huw from Brickset interviews LEGO BrickHeadz designers Austin and Marcos, at LEGO Fan Media Days.

‘Clone Wars’ Conversations Episode 7 with James Arnold Taylor and Jason “Lux Bonteri” Spisak

James Arnold Taylor chats the Clone Wars with Jason “Lux Bonteri” Spisak.

Video: Gwendoline Christie On ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

She was attracted to the role of Captain Phasma because it didn't fall into the usual movie stereotypes for women.

IMAX Hosts Facebook Q&A With Director Rian Johnson

It's Johnson talking about Episode VIII. What else needs to be said?

Competition Reminder: Time Is Running Out!

You gotta be in it to win it!

Timothy Zahn Talks Thrawn: Alliances & Toxic Fandom

Andrew Liptak from The Verge got to sit down with Timothy Zahn to talk about Thrawn: Alliances and the current state of fandom.

Simon Pegg: New Star Wars Films Missing George Lucas

Simon Pegg talks about how he thinks the imagination of George Lucas is missing from the sequels.

LEGO House Fan Evening Celebrating 20 Years of LEGO Star Wars

Last Friday evening, LEGO House in Billund celebrated 20 years of LEGO Star Wars.

Jedi Business Talk Episode 15: Derryl DePriest & Blue Milk’s Vintage Collection Archive Edition...

Welcome to episode 15 of J.B.T. - Jedi Business Talk with your host Criz Bee talking to Derryl DePriest about Blue Milk’s Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book.

Elsa Charretier: From Star Wars Novice, to Aphra, to Kickstarter

Steve Galloway and Mark Alders caught up with Elsa Charretier to talk to her about Star Wars Adventures, Doctor Aphra Annual #3 and her succesful Kickstarter campaign.

Heads Up: New RADIO 1138 Coming Wednesday 20th April At 5.01 GMT

It's April and The Force Awakens has finally come home. To celebrate this momentous occasion we chat with some of the...

Jedi News Exclusive: RebelForce Radio Excerpt With Matt Lanter

Rebel Force Radio welcomes Matt Lanter to the second episode of their new podcast

Spencer Brinkerhoff III Interview at Lightsabre

Anyone who saw the Celebration Japan Exclusive Han vs. Greedo print and subsequent animated short will already be familiar with Spencer Brinkerhoff III and...

Sci-Fi Central: Ian McDiarmid As The Best Star Wars Villain

Darryl James chats with the Emperor himself, Ian McDiarmid...

John Jackson Miller: A New Dawn Interview

Jedi News chat once again to John Jackson MIller...

Sci-Fi Central: Cathy Munroe Was Zuckuss

UK actress Cathy Monroe had 2 roles in The Empire Strikes Back, hear how she brought on of the Biggest Bounty Surprises, as she played Zuckuss

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