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What Happened To The Crew Of The Hammerhead Corvette In ‘Rogue One’?

More on the unsung heroes of Rogue One from ILM's John Knoll.

RADIO 1138: Episode 3

RebelForce Radio presents the January episode of RADIO 1138... What do you get if you take a twist of Jedi News,...

Jetset Magazine Interview With Donnie Yen And His Influence On His Rogue One Character

Actor Donnie Yen talks about his Rogue One character Chirrut Imwe and more in this latest interview.

Sci-Fi Central: Michonne Bourriague On Being The Briefest Bounty Hunter

At Sci-Fi Central DJ chats with Aurra Sing herself...

RADIO 1138: Episode 33

It's time to join Mark Newbold and James Burns for the latest episode of RADIO 1138. There's under two months to...

Star Wars News Net Interview With J.W Rinzler

The team at Star Wars News Net bring us a fascinating interview with former Lucasbooks supremo Jonathan Rinzler. Covering a wide range...

Sci-Fi Central: Anthony Forrest as Fixer & Sandtrooper

Darryl James is with us again and today he's chatting with Anthony Forrest, better known as Fixer and a Sandtrooper from A...

RADIO 1138: Episode 27 Celebration Anaheim Live!

It's time to join Mark Newbold and James Burns for the latest episode of RADIO 1138. At 5.30pm on 16th...

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Interview w/ Imagineer Chris Beatty at D23 Expo 2017

Check out Richard and Sarah's interview with Chris Beatty at D23 Expo 2017.

Skywalking Through Neverland 170: Celebrating 40 Years Of ‘Star Wars’ With Gary Kurtz

It's episode 170 of Skywalking Through Neverland with Gary Kurtz.

Video: Gwendoline Christie On ‘Good Morning America’

She speaks about her training regimen for Episode VIII.

Christopher Sean, Voice Of Kaz In Star Wars Resistance, Talks To StarWars.com

Get to know the voice behind Kaz.

John Boyega: ‘Star Wars’ Allowed Me To Invest In Myself

"I always wanted to set up my company but I didn't because I didn't have the funds for it," Boyega tells Sky News.

Gareth Edwards Rogue One Interview With Slashfilm

Jacob Hall spends some time speaking with Rogue One's director Gareth Edwards.

Clone Wars Conversations Ep. 6: Sam Witwer “The Jedi & The Sith” Part 2

The second part of James Arnold Taylor's chats with Sam Witwer arrives on Clone Wars Conversations.

How Gareth Edwards’ Style Is Unique Among Star Wars Directors

Warwick Davis discusses how Gareth Edwards' directorial style helped him explore the character of Weeteef Cyubee in more detail.

Fangirls Going Rogue Priority Transmission #10: Dave Filoni & ‘Rebels’ End

Join Fangirls Going Rogue with their latest Priority Transmission featuring a roundtable with Dave Filoni BEFORE the final screening of the last three Rebels episodes.

RADIO 1138: Episode 65

Join Mark and James for a packed 65th episode of RADIO 1138.

Official Site: Force Of Fashion: Ashley Eckstein On Her Universe, ‘Rogue One’ Fashion, And...

The voice of Her Universe talks Rogue One, THAT LEGO dress and more...

Sci-Fi Central: Toby Philpott – Being INSIDE Jabba

Toby Philpott joins DJ in the latest Sci-Fi Central video interview.

‘Rogue One’ Stars On UK TV

Here's where you can catch the stars of Rogue One on UK TV this Christmas

Donald Glover Is Playing Lando In A “True And Cool” Way

Lando truly is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Competition Reminder: Time Is Running Out!

You gotta be in it to win it!

Ion Cannon #270: Resistance 116 “The New Trooper”

Ion Cannon #270 blasts off.

Mads Mikkelsen & Ben Mendelsohn On The Uniqueness Of Rogue One

Two of Rogue One's main actors chat about what differentiates Rogue One from previous Star Wars films.

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