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Simon Pegg: New Star Wars Films Missing George Lucas

Simon Pegg talks about how he thinks the imagination of George Lucas is missing from the sequels.

Dave Filoni On ‘Star Wars Rebels’: The Journey And The Legacy

Dave Filoni talks about the end & legacy of Rebels, and says we won't have to wait long to find out what's next.

Fangirls Going Rogue Priority Transmission #10: Dave Filoni & ‘Rebels’ End

Join Fangirls Going Rogue with their latest Priority Transmission featuring a roundtable with Dave Filoni BEFORE the final screening of the last three Rebels episodes.

Latest Edition Of The Big Issue Features Interview With Daisy Ridley

The Big Issue chats with Daisy Ridley...

Tarkin’s Top Shelf #66: Episode 66: Dooku Jedi Lost

Time to revisit Tarkin's Top Shelf with episode 66.

StarWars.com Interview With Mark Hamill On His 66th Birthday

It's an interview with Mark Hamill. Nothing more needs to be said. Read it, you will.

Gareth Edwards Feels That ‘Rogue One’ Is A Love Letter To Carrie Fisher

Gareth Edwards has one regret regarding Rogue One.

‘Rogue One’ VFX Leads Talk About Combining Practical Effects With CG

Finding the perfect balance was key in developing Rogue One.

Sci-Fi Central: Star Wars Interview: Katie Purvis – Inside Ewoks

It's time to rejoin Daryl James as he interviews Ewok actor Katie Purvis in Wales. Katie Purvis played the Maternal...

Nick Kellington (Snook Uccorfay From ‘The Last Jedi’) Talks to StarWarsInterviews.com

StarWarsInterviews.com talks to Nick Kellington, Snook Uccorfay from The Last Jedi, about his experiences working on the film and more.

Sci-Fi Central: Paul Weston on Broken Body Parts

Join DJ as he talks with Star Wars stuntman Paul Weston

‘Star Wars’ Artist Interview With Jake Murray

Spencer Brinkerhoff interviews Star Wars artist Jake Murray.

Full #ConanMexico Interview With Diego Luna

Conan O'Brien talks with Cassian Andor himself, Diego Luna.

Carrie Fisher 1977 Interview In French

Our princess wasn't the only one who could speak in 6 million forms of communication

‘Doctor Aphra’ Creator Kieron Gillen & Co-Writer Si Spurrier Discuss What’s Next

The creative team behind Doctor Aphra -- creator Kieron Gillen and co-writer Si Spurrier -- talk to StarWars.com about the way the character has surprised even them, and the chord she's struck with fans around the galaxy.

Coffee With Kenobi #265: The Road to Celebration Chicago, with Four Weeks to Go

Join Dan and co for episode 265 of Coffee With Kenobi.

RADIO 1138: Episode 62

Join Mark for an extra, interview heavy episode of RADIO 1138.

Official Site: Dissecting Star Wars: The Force Awakens With A Rebel Hero

John Morton joins Dan Zehr to discuss The Force Awakens over at the official site

Donald Glover On BBC Radio 1

Donald Glover chats with Clara Amfo on Radio 1.

Fangirls Going Rogue #44: With Dave Filoni!

Join the Fangirls as they chat with Dave Filoni.

Andi Gutierrez Reddit AMAA

LFL's Andi Gutierrez spent several hours answering fan questions over on the Star Wars Rebels sub Reddit on Friday. I've picked out a couple of my...

Soundstage Events: Kevin Jenkins Wednesday January 17th 2018

Kevin Jenkins, design supervisor for Lucasfilm and Supervising Art Director for ILM, is the latest guest to talk shop at Soundstage.

Coffee With Kenobi #266: Steve Sansweet Joins Us on The Road To Celebration Chicago,...

Join Dan and co for episode 266 of Coffee With Kenobi.

Taylor Gray On Ezra’s Journey In ‘Star Wars Rebels’

Taylor Gray (the voice of Ezra Bridger) reflects upon his character's journey and expresses thoughts about his growth and ultimate legacy as a Rebel and a Jedi.

Pippa Anderson Talks: Film Editor on Solo: A Star Wars Story

Pippa Anderson, film editor at Lucasfilm, talks about her life in the male-dominated film industry and more besides.

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