Doctor Aphra: The Kieron Gillen Effect

This week sees us say farewell to Doctor Aphra with issue 40. Jedi News caught up with her creator Kieron Gillen at Comics Salopia 2019 earlier this year.

BBC Radio 2: Chris Evans Interviews Mark Hamill

Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 caught up with Mark Hamill on Monday to talk Star Wars’ Blu-Ray deleted scenes, The Empire Awards: Icon of the Year 2018 and being compared to Elvis!

Full of Sith Episode CLXXXVII: Anthony Breznican

Anthony Breznican joins the gang over at Full of Sith

Rolling Stone: Chris Terrio Talks Writing The Rise of Skywalker

Terrio breaks down the creative process behind Episode IX.

Ion Cannon #269: Resistance 115 “The First Order Occupation”

Ion Cannon #269 blasts off.

Tarkin’s Top Shelf #68: Galaxy’s Edge: Where Books Meet World

Time to revisit Tarkin's Top Shelf with episode 68.

The Soundtrack Show #62: Danny Elfman from Boingo to Beetlejuice

David Collins is the host of the weekly podcast The Soundtrack Show, and here's Ep. 62 -- Danny Elfman from Boingo to Beetlejuice

The Soundtrack Show #61: The Goonies: the Music

David Collins is the host of the weekly podcast The Soundtrack Show, and here's Ep. 61 -- The Goonies: the Music.

Spaceships & Designing for The Mandalorain with Colie Wertz

The latest episode of InLove with the Process catches up with concept artist Colie Wertz who was responsible for designing iconic spaceships and vehicles in The Mandalorian.

ForceCast Author Series with Special Guest Samuel C. Spitale

The ForceCast Author Series with Samuel C. Spitale.

Dave Filoni On ‘Star Wars Rebels’: The Journey And The Legacy

Dave Filoni talks about the end & legacy of Rebels, and says we won't have to wait long to find out what's next.

Extended Interview Of Dennis Muren Answering Star Wars Fans’ Questions

Legendary special effects genius Dennis Muren was interviewed on The Star Wars Show...

‘The Fire of the Jedi’ Is Going Out In Star Wars Rebels New Season

The end is finally drawing near for the era of the Jedi on Star Wars Rebels...

Watch John Boyega On ‘Good Morning America’

Finn joined GMA earlier today.

RADIO 1138: Episode 3

RebelForce Radio presents the January episode of RADIO 1138... What do you get if you take a twist of Jedi News,...

Author Daniel Wallace Takes Fans ‘On The Front Lines’ Of Epic ‘Star Wars’ Battles

Over at the official site, Dan Wallace discusses his latest book Star Wars On The Front Lines.

RADIO 1138: Episode 43

It's time to join Mark Newbold and James Burns for the latest episode of RADIO 1138, brought to you by...

Sci-Fi Central: Temuera Morrison Fett Reflections

DJ at Sci-Fi Central talks with the birthday boy Temeura Morrison

Cantina Chatter Episode 12: Conversation with Angela Staines, “Tonnika Sister” in ‘Star Wars’

Angela Staines is interviewed over at Cantina Chatter.

Howard Roffman from Lucasfilm talks to Jedi News

President of Lucas Licensing, and Lucasfilm stalwart for almost 30 years, Howard Roffman spoke to Jedi News late last week.  We discussed Star Wars...

James Marquand: Life Growing Up In The Jedi’s Glow

Welcome to the world of James Marquand, whose father Richard directed Return of the Jedi.

RADIO 1138: Episode 4

Join James Burns and Mark Newbold for the latest RADIO 1138. We’re ducking rumours and dodging assumptions like a...

Joonas Suotamo on Chewbacca’s Emotional Scene in The Rise of Skywalker & More

Check out what Joonas had to say about Episode IX and other topics.

Ion Cannon #268: Resistance 114 “The Doza Dilemma”

Ion Cannon #268 blasts off.

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