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‘The Last Jedi’s’ Kelly Marie Tran Has A Story To Tell

Kelly Marie Tran carved out her own space in The Last Jedi with a big-hearted performance as Rose Tico, so what comes next?

Emilia Clarke On The ‘Solo’ Directorial Change

According to Clarke, the transition was "seamless".

Sam Witwer on the Enduring Legacy of Darth Maul

io9 got to sit down and talk to Sam Witwer about bringing Maul's voice to the big screen and more.

Star Wars Memories: Steve Sansweet

Our 100 Star Wars Memories continue with Lucasfilm's Steve Sansweet telling us about his favorite moment from A New Hope.

RADIO 1138: Episode 38

It's time to join Mark Newbold and James Burns for the latest episode of RADIO 1138, brought to you by the Jedi...

Jeremy Barlow Interview

Jedi News interviews editor Jeremy Barlow.

Lightsabre Interview – Angus MacInnes

Lightsabre's latest interview is up and this time they've got Angus MacInnes, famous throughout the galaxy for portraying Gold Leader in the original Star Wars,...

Sci-Fi Central: Rick McCallum Producing for George Lucas

Sci-Fi Central sit down with prequels producer Rick Mccallum...

‘The Fire of the Jedi’ Is Going Out In Star Wars Rebels New Season

The end is finally drawing near for the era of the Jedi on Star Wars Rebels...

Daisy Ridley Not Happy At Mary Sue Accusation

Daisy Ridley weighs in on the accusations of Rey being a Mary Sue character

RADIO 1138: Episode 7

Join James Burns and Mark Newbold for the latest RADIO 1138. PUNCH IT! Mark and James launch into hyperspace as they're...

Sci-Fi Central: Ken Coombs – Emperor’s Welcoming Party And Filming On The George Lucas...

DJ catches up with Star wars actor Ken Coombs

John Knoll Discusses ILM Magic In ‘Rogue One’

Get the inside scoop on how Lucasfilm was able to include iconic Star Wars characters in Rogue One.

The Vintage Rebellion MicroCast : A Baggie Report Part One

Join the Vintage Rebellion team for the latest microcast

Questions About Ezra, Kanan, Thrawn, Ahsoka Answered In ‘Rebels’ Season 4

Dave Filoni says the final season of Rebels will provide answers to some burning character questions.

‘Star Wars’ Artist Interview With Joe Hogan 2.0

Spencer Brinkerhoff talks with Joe Hogan about his plans for Celebration Orlando.

RADIO 1138: Episode 63

Join Mark and James for a 40th anniversary 63rd episode of RADIO 1138 with Steve Blum.

Steele Wars Ep141: LIVE! Kyle Newman – Deep Into ‘Star Wars’ Mythology

Kyle Newman joins Steele Saunders for his latest episode.

Watch Mark Hamill On ‘Good Morning America’

Mark chats with the GMA crew on ABC.

Beltway Banthas Interview: ‘Star Wars’ Author Ken Liu

Tune into the latest episode of Beltway Banthas.

Inside ILM: Meet Layout Artist Megan Dolman

ILM's Megan Dolman talks about her path to ILM, working on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and turning 2D into 3D.

Rick Stanley, Cutthroat Hunter in ‘Solo’, Talks To StarWarsInterviews.com

StarWarsInterviews.com talks to Rick Stanley, Cutthroat Hunter in Solo: A Star Wars Story, about his experiences working on the film and more.

Jedi News Interviews: Michael Moreci

Mark Alders recently had a chance to catch up with Star Wars Adventures and Flight of the Falcon author, Michael Moreci.

Lucasfilm’s Dan Brooks Chats With Composer Michael Giacchino

Learn more about this highly successful composer.

Take Cover: Episode 2

It's time to join Brian Cameron, Matt Booker and Mark Newbold for the latest episode of Take Cover, brought to you by...

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