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‘Star Wars’ Artist Interview With Randy Martinez

Spencer Brinkerhoff interviews Randy Martinez.

Laura Dern Praises Rian Johnson For His Work On ‘The Last Jedi’

She says "he’s the guy to watch."

RADIO 1138: Episode 59

A plethora of guests join Mark and James for episode 59 of RADIO 1138.

Sam Witwer Reflects On Playing Maul In Interview With Dan Brooks

Witwer looks back on his time playing this extremely popular Star Wars character.

‘Star Wars’ Artist Interview: Jason Christman

Spencer Brinkerhoff talks Celebration with fellow artist Jason Christman.

Sci-Fi Central: JACK McKENZIE – Director yells ‘you’ll never work again!’

Over at Sci-Fi Central DJ chats with Echo Base officer Jack McKenzie.

Sci-Fi Central: Stephanie English Updating Her Social Media Status

DJ from Sci-Fi Central chats with Stephanie English.

Sci-Fi Central: Stephanie English as a Rebel Radio Controller

DJ catches up with Echo Base controller Stephanie English.

Sci-Fi Central: Salo Gardner Egged On By OB1

Sci-Fi Centrals DJ chats with TFA performer Salo Gardner.

Gary Whitta Says Future ‘Star Wars’ Films Won’t Be Based On Legacy Characters

Lucasfilm wants to expand the universe George Lucas created with all-new content.

Sideshow Live – Sam Witwer Interview

The voice of Maul chats a bit with Sideshow Collectibles.

Dave Filoni: Maul Was Initially Slated To Die In Season 2 Finale

Things could've been VERY different for this former Darth.

Gareth Edwards On ‘Rogue One’ Alternate Scenes & Why We Won’t Be Seeing Them

If you were hoping for some deleted scenes to be included on the Rogue One Blu-ray, this update will put you in a sour mood.

Full of Sith Episode CCVII: David W. Collins

David Collins is the guest on Full of Sith.

Future of the Force: A Pilot’s Perspective — Benjamin Hartley

Future of the Force catch up with Rebel Alliance X-wing pilot Harb Binli, better known as Ben Hartley.

Sci-Fi Central: Jake Lloyd – The Young Anakin

Over at Sci-Fi Central DJ catches up with young Anakin Skywalker Jake Lloyd.

Full #ConanMexico Interview With Diego Luna

Conan O'Brien talks with Cassian Andor himself, Diego Luna.

Sci-Fi Central: Roger Christian on the Used Universe Set Dresser

DJ catches up with the academy award winning Roger Christian.

These Are The Actors You’re Looking For Episode 7: Oola Talks Filming ‘Return of...

Join Jamie and guest Femi Taylor for episode 7 of These Are The Actors You're Looking For.

Tiya Sircar Talks Sabine & ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3 With StarWars.com

The lovely Tiya Sircar chats with Amy Ratcliffe on the state of Sabine in Season 3.

Sci-Fi Central: Anthony Daniels The Ewok King

DJ catches up with the fussiest protocol droid in the galaxy, AKA Anthony Daniels.

Interview With Steve Evans On Hasbro’s 6″ 40th Anniversary Black Series Line

Steve Evans chats about the new 6" line collectors have been buzzing about.

Sci-Fi Central: Mega-Mix on George Lucas’ Creation Ian McDiarmid & Anthony Daniels

DJ chats with the golden one, Anthony Daniels.

Sci-Fi Central: Jeremy Bulloch Tripping Over Vader

Jeremy Bulloch chats with Sci-Fi Central's DJ.

Sci-Fi Central: Jeremy Bulloch – Fett Bothers Fett

DJ catches up with the one and only Jeremy Bulloch.

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