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The Vintage Rebellion MicroCast : A Baggie Report Part One

Join the Vintage Rebellion team for the latest microcast

Pablo Hidalgo Chats With StarWars.com About Rogue One Ultimate Visual Guide

Pablo gives you the 411 on several creatures from Rogue One.

Full of Sith Special Release: Star Wars and Disney Parks with Scott Renshaw

Join Bryan for the latest Full of Sith

Boss Nass Warned George Lucas about Jar Jar Binks (Brian Blessed Interview)

Jamie Stangroom catches up with the legendary Boss Nass, Brian Blessed

What Happened To The Crew Of The Hammerhead Corvette In Rogue One?

More on the unsung heroes of Rogue One from ILM's John Knoll.

RADIO 1138: Episode 56

Guy Henry and Gary Whitta join Mark and James for the latest RADIO 1138

Details On Marvel’s New Rogue One Comic Adaptation

Get the inside scoop on Marvel's new Rogue One comic adaptation.

Rogue One Editor John Gilroy Talks About The Film’s Dramatic Third Act

Insight from one of the editors of the film.

Could Cassian Andor Appear In The Han Solo Standalone?

Diego Luna plays it smart when asked about a potential Cassian Andor appearance in next year's Han Solo movie

John Knoll On The Inspiration For Jyn Erso And Her Character Name

How did Jyn Erso get her name?

Sci-Fi Central: Felix Silla – a Giant in Sci Fi

DJ catxches up with one of the heroic ewoks of Return of the Jedi, Felix Silla

Star Wars Gold Leader Actor On His Rogue One Return!

Join Jamie Stangroom and Angus MacInnes as they discuss the return of a legendary character

Sci-Fi Central: Tim Dry As Whiphid In Return of the Jedi

DJ talks Yak Face with Tim Dry

Official Site: Charting The Galaxy: An Interview With Star Wars Galactic Maps Illustrator Tim...

James Floyd talks to Galactic Maps/Atlas illustrator Tim McDonagh

ABC President Re-Confirms Star Wars Live-Action TV Series Is “Far Into The Future”

The live-action Star Wars TV series remains on the back (way back) burner for now.

Garrick Hagon: Red Three And The Call To Adventure

John 'Dak' Morton and Garrick Hagon talk Star Wars and more

Rian Johnson Talks More About Episode VIII, Says Film Had A Title From The...

More from the director on Episode VIII.

Sci-Fi Central: Paul Weston on Broken Body Parts

Join DJ as he talks with Star Wars stuntman Paul Weston

Sci-Fi Central: Paul Weston on Surviving Stunts in the Desert

DJ talks to Star Wars stuntman Paul Weston

Official Site: Being Biggs: A Conversation With Garrick Hagon

Two X-wing heroes go head to head

More From Michael Giacchino On The Rogue One Score

Michael Giacchino reveals more information on the development of the score for Rogue One.

Preview Of HBO Documentary Featuring Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds

Bright Lights documentary starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds premieres January 7 at 8PM on HBO.

Millie Bobby Brown On Princess Leia: “I Would Love A Role Like That”

Could Millie Bobby Brown one day be the actress to play a young Leia Organa?

Sci-Fi Central: Nick Gillard On The Alternate Anakin Dismembering Choreography

DJ catches up with prequel stunt co-ordinator Nick Gillard

Rogue One Editors Reveal Details/New Scenes Added During Reshoots

Editors John Gilroy and Colin Goudie chatted with Yahoo Movies UK to discuss their roles on Rogue One.

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