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Watch Harrison Ford On ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

He was a guest on the show last night.

StarWars.com Interview With Mark Hamill On His 66th Birthday

It's an interview with Mark Hamill. Nothing more needs to be said. Read it, you will.

SyFyWire: Adam Savage Interviews John Knoll

Over at SyFyWire Adam Savage Interviews ILM chief XO John Knoll.

The Metro: BIllie Lourd Auditioned For The Role Of Rey

Billie Lourd auditioned to play Rey in The Force Awakens.

UPDATED: Harrison Ford On ‘Star Wars’ And Carrie Fisher

Harrison Ford talks planes, Star Wars, Carrie Fisher, Blade Runner and much more in the October 2017 issue.

Marco Checchetto Takes Us Behind The Panels Of ‘Captain Phasma’ #1

Artist Marco Checchetto talks issue one of Marvels Captain Phasma mini series.

GQ: Mark Hamill On Playing Luke Skywalker In ‘The Last Jedi’

Watch Mark Hamill as he talks the Wars.

Adam Savage Talks With Frank Oz

Adam Savage interviews Frank Oz.

Clone Wars Conversations Ep. 9: Matt Lanter “The Chosen One” Part 2

Join James Arnold Taylor for Clone Wars Conversations and his second chat with Matt Lanter.

‘Star Wars’ 40th with Joe Johnston

Joe Johnston shares a Star Wars story about falling asleep in the Death Star.

Inside ‘Star Wars Adventures’, IDW’s Charming New ‘Star Wars’ Comic

The official site chat with the authors of the new IDW series Star Wars Adventures.

‘Star Wars’ 40th with Jon Berg

Jon Berg remembers his GFFA experiences for the 40th anniversary of the saga.

GCCC 2017 – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Steve Blum Part 1

Watch Steve and Mary as they chat with Darth Elvis at Granite City Comic Con 2017.

Chris Jericho Loves Porkins

Jamie Stangroom catches up with WWE legend Chris Jericho.

Clone Wars Conversations Ep. 8: MATT LANTER “The Chosen One” Part 1

Matt Lanter joins James Arnold Taylor on the 8th Clone Wars Conversation.

Delilah S Dawson On Exploring The First Order’s Ruthless Captain In ‘Phasma’

James Floyd sits down with Delilah S Dawson to discuss Phasma.

AP News: Mark Hamill On Luke Skywalker’s Return, Losing Carrie Fisher

Mark Hamill talks to the Associated Press.

Inside ILM: Meet Noah Lockwood

Meet the ILM artist who brought the galaxy's nastiest pacman to life.

Star Wars 40th With Randy Dutra

Randy Dutra shares a story from his time working on Return of the Jedi.

‘Star Wars’ 40th With Lorne Peterson

Lorne Peterson shares a story from his work on Star Wars. From the 40th Anniversary ILM reunion held at 32ten Studios on May 27th,...

‘Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary Panel at Terrificon with Roy Thomas, Charlie Lippincott, Howard Chaykin...

By way of celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, Terrificon brought together two creators who helped launch the Marvel age of Star Wars...

‘Clone Wars’ Conversations Episode 7 with James Arnold Taylor and Jason “Lux Bonteri” Spisak

James Arnold Taylor chats the Clone Wars with Jason “Lux Bonteri” Spisak.

JAT Drive #5: It’s A CAT & JAT Drive!

Join James and Cat on a hyperdrive.

Steele Wars Ep141: LIVE! Kyle Newman – Deep Into ‘Star Wars’ Mythology

Kyle Newman joins Steele Saunders for his latest episode.

Author Daniel Wallace Takes Fans ‘On The Front Lines’ Of Epic ‘Star Wars’ Battles

Over at the official site, Dan Wallace discusses his latest book Star Wars On The Front Lines.

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