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Teresa Delgado Featured On Remezcla.com

Our very own Teresa Delgado has been featured on Remezcla.com, with the article focusing on her podcasting efforts in the fandom community.

Sci-Fi Central: Ron Hone – Close to Killing Hamill

Ron Hone is DJ's guest in the latest Sci-Fi Central interview.

Sci-Fi Central: Paul Blake as Greedo & the shoot-out at Docking Bay 94

Join DJ as he chats with Greedo actor Paul Blake.

Rebel Force Radio: April 22, 2016 with Denis Lawson

Join the gang and Denis Lawson for the latest Rebel Force Radio.

Disney Parks Blog: Unique Merchandise Products Coming to Disney Parks This Month

Check out the new products hitting the parks later this month.

Fangirls Going Rogue #44: With Dave Filoni!

Join the Fangirls as they chat with Dave Filoni.

Sci-Fi Central: Zac Jensen As The Smiling Jedi Knight

DJ at Sci-Fi Central catches up with Kit Fisto actor Zac Jensen.

Rebels Chat Episode 75: Sam Witwer Interview

Johnamarie and Marie catch up with the man himself, Sam Witwer.

‘Rogue One’ Was Initially Pitched As A Live-Action TV Series Project

The plan was for Rogue One to be seen on much smaller screens.

Dan Brooks Speaks With Doug Chiang About ‘Rogue One’ Imperial Architecture

Here's another must-read interview with the supremely talented Doug Chiang.

Gareth Edwards Talks To Collider About Vader’s ‘Rogue One’ Scene, Death Troopers, & More

I wonder how many Rogue One questions Edwards has fielded so far.

‘Star Wars’ Interviews: Exclusive Interview With Alistair Petrie (General Draven from Rogue One)

Star Wars Interviews catch up with General Draven, actor Alistair Petrie.

‘Rogue One’s First Writer Got the Job In A Very Simple Way

Gary Whitta talks with io9 ahead of the home video release of Rogue One.

‘Star Wars’ Artist Interview With Joe Corroney

Spencer chats with the one and only Joe Corroney.

Gareth Edwards Feels That ‘Rogue One’ Is A Love Letter To Carrie Fisher

Gareth Edwards has one regret regarding Rogue One.

‘Star Wars’ Artist Interview With Joe Hogan 2.0

Spencer Brinkerhoff talks with Joe Hogan about his plans for Celebration Orlando.

John Knoll Talks ‘Rogue One’ VFX With Slashfilm

Hear more from Knoll on the creation of the blockbuster Star Wars standalone film.

‘Star Wars’ Artist Interview With Brian DeGuire

Spencer Brinkerhoff chats with Star Wars artist Brian DeGuire.

‘Star Wars’ Artist Interview With Jake Murray

Spencer Brinkerhoff interviews Star Wars artist Jake Murray.

Dave Filoni Talks Major ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3 Storylines With IGN

He provides insight on some of the exciting action that we saw unfold in Season 3.

Sci-Fi Central: Paul Markham – The Yellowed Stormtrooper Template

Over at Sci-Fi Central, DJ catches up with Paul Markham.

‘Star Wars’ Artist Interview With William O’Neill

Spencer Brinkerhoff chats Star Wars art with William O'Neill.

‘Star Wars’ Artist Interview With Joe Hogan

Spencer Brinkerhoff chats with art Joe Hogan.

‘Star Wars’ Artist Interview With Randy Martinez

Spencer Brinkerhoff interviews Randy Martinez.

Laura Dern Praises Rian Johnson For His Work On ‘The Last Jedi’

She says "he’s the guy to watch."

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