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RADIO 1138: Episode 58

Mark and James catch up with Ian McElhinney, Guy Henry, Gary Whitta and the SFB Team in episode 58 of RADIO 1138.

Sci-Fi Central: Caroline Blakiston As Fun Mon Mothma

DJ chats with Moon Mother herself, Caroline Blakiston.

Mads Mikkelsen On ‘Rogue One’ Reshoots, Returning As Galen Erso In Future Projects

Could we be seeing more of Mads Mikkelsen's Galen Erso down the road?

Sci-Fi Central: Alan Flyng On The Shattered Stormtrooper

DJ over at Sci-Fi Central chats with Alan Flyng

Sci-Fi Central: Warwick Davis on Michael Jackson on-set & Pocket Play

Warwick Davis chats with DJ over at Sci-Fi Central

Sci-Fi Central: Warwick Davis on Cookies & Capes

Over at Sci-Fi Central DJ talks to Warwick Davis

Sci-Fi Central: Paul Springer – Gamorrean Grabs Solo

DJ chats with Return of the Jedi performer Paul Springer

Ashley Eckstein Chats With Disney Style About New Her Universe

Ashley shows off some of the new products available from Her Universe.

RADIO 1138: Episode 57

Join Mark and James for episode 57 of RADIO 1138

Andi Gutierrez Reddit AMAA

LFL's Andi Gutierrez spent several hours answering fan questions over on the Star Wars Rebels sub Reddit on Friday. I've picked out a couple of my...

Inside The Stunning Rancor Cosplay From SDCC 2016

Check out how this top-flight cosplay came to be.

Alexander Freed Interviewed At Fangirl Blog

Linda Hansen-Raj over at Fangirl Cantina sat down with Rogue One novelist Alexander Freed to discuss the mechanics of writing the story. FG: Not having...

Paul Warren Interview

Artist Rutvig Vaid interviews Paul Warren of The Force Awakens

Rian Johnson On The State Of ‘The Last Jedi’ And More

Rian Johnson fields questions from Empire about The Last Jedi and more.

Pablo Hidalgo Speaks With Entertainment Weekly About ‘Rogue One’ UVG

More from Lucasfilm's Pablo Hidalgo on the must-own Rogue One UVG.

‘Rogue One’ VFX Leads Talk About Combining Practical Effects With CG

Finding the perfect balance was key in developing Rogue One.

Soundstage Events: Tuesday 24th January 2017: Gary Kurtz

Gary Kurtz is the latest Soundstage Events guest

Laura Dern Talks Carrie Fisher And Episode VIII: ‘What an Incredible Gift’

Laura Dern talks about the late Carrie Fisher

The Vintage Rebellion MicroCast : A Baggie Report Part One

Join the Vintage Rebellion team for the latest microcast

Pablo Hidalgo Chats With StarWars.com About ‘Rogue One Ultimate Visual Guide’

Pablo gives you the 411 on several creatures from Rogue One.

Full of Sith Special Release: ‘Star Wars’ and Disney Parks with Scott Renshaw

Join Bryan for the latest Full of Sith

Boss Nass Warned George Lucas about Jar Jar Binks (Brian Blessed Interview)

Jamie Stangroom catches up with the legendary Boss Nass, Brian Blessed

What Happened To The Crew Of The Hammerhead Corvette In ‘Rogue One’?

More on the unsung heroes of Rogue One from ILM's John Knoll.

RADIO 1138: Episode 56

Guy Henry and Gary Whitta join Mark and James for the latest RADIO 1138

Details On Marvel’s New ‘Rogue One’ Comic Adaptation

Get the inside scoop on Marvel's new Rogue One comic adaptation.

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