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Galactic War Report Episode 134: GoH JAM!

Galactic War Report returns with episode 134.

Game Informer: Details On The Combat Of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Jason De Heras chats with Game Informer on the game's combat mechanics.

Reviews: Star Wars Kinect

This article will be hitting the site shortly. Make sure you check back for more great articles here at Jedi News.

Star Wars 1313 E3 Demo Complete

Watch it quick as it might not be around for much longer, the complete 1313 E3 Demo. Watch and...

Fantasy Flight Games: Servant of Darkness

Take a closer look at the Kylo Ren starter set for Star Wars: Destiny...

The Making Of ‘Star Wars’ Battlefront II

Dan Brooks from StarWars.com grabs a controller and goes behind the scenes for a look at the making of the latest Star Wars game.

Fantasy Flight Games: Assembling Your Squadron: An X-Wing Turn Zero Article

Another quality article for you X-Wing enthusiasts over at the Fantasy Flight Games website. This time, the 2013 X-Wing World...

Music From Star Wars: The Old Republic – Hoth, the Frozen Wastes

From Star Wars The Old Republic, composed by Wilbert Roget II. To save this music on your hard drive right click...

Fantasy Flight Games: Spirit of Rebellion

Fantasy Flight Games announce a new set of booster packs for Star Wars: Destiny

Galactic War Report Episode 147: Darth Revan and the Sith Empire

Galactic War Report returns with episode 147.

Galactic War Report Episode 184: John’s Post-GAS Stewing

Galactic War Report returns with episode 184.

Kinect Star Wars E3 2011 Trailer

A new trailer for the Star Wars game on Kinect for the Xbox 360 has been released ahead of E3which opens tomorrow... Thanks to JimmyB for sending this...

Star Wars: The Old Republic: 5-Year Celebration Trailer

It's time to rejoin the worlds of Star Wars The Old Republic. Watch and celebrate #SWTOR5 as we...

Galactic War Report Episode 103: Rewards Reworked

Galactic War Report returns for its latest episode.

Fantasy Flight Games: Rebellion Day

On September 13th 2014, Star Wars roleplaying gamers will have something to celebrate - Fantasy Flight Games’ Rebellion Day. This...

Galactic War Report Episode 110: Him Here For A Stove

Galactic War Report returns for its latest episode.

‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’: The War for Iokath: Galaxy Map First Look

It's time to survey the worlds of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Official Site: The Bricks Are Calling To You: Inside LEGO ‘Star Wars: The Force...

Over at StarWars.com Dan Brooks brings us a look inside the awesome looking LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. ...

Wraith Squadron Podcast – Episode 10

Wraith Squadron take a look at the latest X-wing miniatures news.

Fantasy Flight Games: The Interdictor

Fantasy Flight Games bring us the latest release for Star Wars: Armada, the Interdictor Expansion Pack. From the...

Galactic War Report Episode 92: The Big Bucket Of Jedi

Galactic War Report returns for its latest episode.

Watch These Jedi Masters Make Their Own Lightsaber

Follow Master Marcus LaPorte and Apprentice Adam Ellis, as they use the Force to do some kit-bashing and create custom lightsabers.

Fantasy Flight Games: Ready for Battle

We can't wait to get our hands/claws/tentacles/servohands on this game, and this preview only serves to increase our excitement. Only...

Reviews: Star Wars: TIE Fighter

This article will be hitting the site shortly. Make sure you check back for more great articles here at...

Cloud City Casino #82: X-Wing 2.0, Battlefront Solo Update, & Celebration

Cloud City Casino #82 heads for the battlefront.

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