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Cloud City Casino #86: Welcoming Nate Back, and More Cancelled Star Wars Games

Cloud City Casino #86 heads for the battlefront.

Zen Studios Announces ‘Star Wars’ Pinball ‘Rogue One’ Table

A new table from Rogue One is set to land.

Lucasfilm Oversees Electronic Arts ‘Star Wars’ Games With Weekly Meetings

GamesBeat have interviewed Lucasfilm brand boss Douglas Reilly about the process of creating games such as Battlefront II.

Star Wars Kinect: Georgia Graham Week Two

Jedi News and Xbox 360 UK have worked closely together this year to bring you all the latest news and...

EA Comments On Closing Visceral Games, ‘Star Wars’ Title During Earnings Call

More explaining from Electronic Arts.

Sixteen Minutes Of Battlefront Bespin DLC

IGN have sixteen minutes of high res gameplay from Battlefront's new Bespin themed DLC.  Check it out below:

New ‘Battlefront II’ Clone Wars Content Spread Out Over 2018

Awesome gaming announcements for Battlefront II are inside.

Fantasy Flight Games: Assault On Echo Base

Fantasy Flight Games announces Star Wars: The Card Game - Assault on Echo Base. From the website:...

Prima Games LEGO ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Official Guide Pre-Order On Amazon

(Cover art not final) Jedi News reader Shawn P. sent along an email to let us know that the LEGO Star Wars:...

Fantasy Flight Games: Extra combat dice for Imperial Assault

If you're going to be fighting in the biggest war the galaxy has ever seen, you're going to need the...

Reviews: Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles

This article will be hitting the site shortly. Make sure you check back for more great articles here at...

August Patch Adds The Emperor Back To ‘Battlefront II’

EA has resolved the various gameplay issues for the Sith lord.

The Sonic Saber: Disney to Possibly Shut Down LucasArts?

Dave Bouressa over at The Sonic Sabre pulls together a number of separate reports on the current state of play over at...

Cornilleau Limited Edition Star Wars Table Tennis Table & Accessories Available from Liberty Games

Liberty Games are now stocking the new Star Wars table tennis table from Cornilleau, plus a matching accessory pack.

Galactic War Report Episode 91: Holdo & Rose FTW!

Galactic War Report returns for its latest episode.

Fantasy Flight Games: Programmed for Destruction

Fantasy Flight Games preview the BT-1 and 0-0-0 Villain Pack for Imperial Assault.

Fantasy Flight Games: Ruthlessness and Intimidation: The VT-49 Decimator Expansion Pack for X-Wing

It's grim, it's blunt and it's built to crush the enemy. The VT-49 Decimator isn't subtle and it isn't pretty,...

EA Working On An Open World ‘Star Wars’ Game

It would seem that EA are working on a new online Open World Star Wars game based on this advert for a job in their Vancouver studio.

Fantasy Flight Games: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game Launches 17th December 2012

The Edge of the Empire Beginner Game arrives in stores this coming Monday, 17th December and it's all set to...

New ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Gameplay Details

Learn more about this exciting sequel.

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Character Progression – Jedi Consular

More fantastic action from the worlds of the Old Republic as we investigate the Jedi Consular. Channeling the power of...

Star Wars Kinect – Start Saving Your Dataries

It's coming out during the fourth quarter of this year and it looks amazing. Check out the video above and the info below...

‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Massive Worlds & Moral Dilemmas Trailer

The team behind Battlefront II wants to make everything bigger, better, and morally denser than the original.

Galactic War Report Episode 143: General Grievous and Separatist Droids

Galactic War Report returns with episode 143.

Giant Rancor Temper Tantrum

Who can resist the giant rancor temper tantrum

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