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Fantasy Flight Games: Suns of Fortune

Fantasy Flight Games announce a new setting sourcebook for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. From the website: ...

Fantasy Flight Games: Scum and Villainy: Announcing the Introduction of the Third X-wing Faction

Watch out - the sixth wave of starships for the X-Wing Miniatures Game is on it's way and it's not...

Reviews: Star Wars: TIE Fighter Defender of the Empire

This article will be hitting the site shortly. Make sure you check back for more great articles here at...

Reviews: Star Wars: Obi-Wan

This article will be hitting the site shortly. Make sure you check back for more great articles here at...

Star Wars™ Battlefront Double XP Weekend Celebrates Death Star Launch

Double XP points still available if you are quick over at Star Wars: Battlefront...

Of Dice and Droids Episode VII: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Join the dice rollers at Of Dice and Droids for their latest session...

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire: ‘The GEMINI Deception’...

It's time to rejoin the worlds of Star Wars The Old Republic. Lead the assault against Arcann’s fleet...

Fantasy Flight Games: Predatory Species

Fantasy Flight Games take a look at the Dangerous new species of No Disintegrations

Star Wars Kinect – Start Saving Your Dataries

It's coming out during the fourth quarter of this year and it looks amazing. Check out the video above and the info below...

Fantasy Flight Games: The Contract’s The Thing

Fantasy Flight Games introduce three New Bounty Hunter specializations in No Disintegrations

Fantasy Flight Games: Follow Your Destiny

Fantasy Flight Games show us more about Savage Spirits and its specialization decks.

New Episode VII Backstory Content Contained In LEGO ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Yesterday we saw the release of a new gameplay trailer for TT Games' upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens title that showed...

Pump The Brakes On That ‘Knights Of The Old Republic’ Reboot Rumor

Not so fast my friends.

Fantasy Flight Games: Rapid Deployment

Fantasy Flight Games preview the Imperial Light Carrier Expansion Pack for Star Wars: Armada.

The Ins And Outs of Sabacc

Dejarik is at heart a rudimentary version of chess, with grappling monsters battling out each move holographically.

Fantasy Flight Games: Scour The Streets Of Coruscant

Fantasy Flight Games look at the Heart of the Empire expansion for Imperial Assault.

‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’: September In-Game Events

Check out Star Wars The Old Republic's September in-game events.

EA Continues To Review ‘Battlefront II’ Microtransactions, Don’t Expect Custom Skins

The right microtransaction balance is a priority for the company.

Program BB-9E From Sphero In One Of 3 Ways

There are now 3 ways you can program the First Order's BB-9E by Sphero with the new Sphero Edu app available to download now.

Fantasy Flight Games: Announcing Priority Supplies & Barricades For ‘Star Wars’: Legion

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce two new expansions for Star Wars: Legion -- Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion & Barricades Pack.

Battlefront II: Buckle Up – ‘The Han Solo Season’ Coming In May

Starting on May 16th, Battlefront II players can jump into The Han Solo Season Update which includes a return visit to Jabba's Palace and much more.

Galactic War Report Episode 116: The Rest Of The KOTOR Gang

Galactic War Report returns for its latest episode.

Galactic War Report Episode 121: Not Much Ado About Nothing

Galactic War Report returns with episode 121.

Jade Raymond Leaves EA and Star Wars Behind

Electronic Arts faced a new shake-up in its Montreal studio, as Motive studio founder Jade Raymond left the company and a new executive is taking over.

Fantasy Flight Games: Out Of Hiding!

Fantasy Flight Games bring us their 8th wave of Star Wars: X-Wing starship expansions, including the Ghost and the Phantom...

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