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Jedi News Debates: Part Three: Lucas Licensing, Lucasarts, Lucas Animation

Welcome to the third in the series of articles looking in detail at the Walt Disney Companies merger with Lucasfilm. All opinions are my...

Star Wars Spotlight: Shadows Of The Empire

Marvel shine a spotlight on the Dark Horse adaptation of 1996's multimedia event Shadows of the Empire, which older...

EA Comments On Closing Visceral Games, ‘Star Wars’ Title During Earnings Call

More explaining from Electronic Arts.

Fantasy Flight Games: Intercept and Destroy

Here's a Fantasy Flight Games preview of the M3-A Interceptor Expansion Pack for the X-Wing miniatures game. It's pretty I'd...

Spikey Bits Blog: Han Shot First!

Take a read of the excellent Spikey Bits, which turns it's eye to the Star Wars: X-Wing™ Miniatures Game and a particularly driven...

Fantasy Flight Games: Fire The Ion Cannon

Another preview from Fantasy Flight Games - this time, we learn more about the workhorse of the Rebellion, the Y-Wing. ...

Fantasy Flight Games: Ten Questions About Edge of the Empire

Fandom is increasingly excited about the excellent Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, but as with everything there are questions....

Fantasy Flight Games: Star Wars: The Card Game Review: Desolation of Hoth

First up in this long list is the 'Desolation of Hoth' Force Pack. This Force Pack as you may ...

Fantasy Flight Games: Announcing the 2014 World Championship Schedule, November 6-9 2014

Preregistration for the 2014 World Championship Weekend closes on Thursday, October 23rd. Register now to guarantee a spot in your...

Reviews: Star Wars: Rebel Assault

This article will be hitting the site shortly. Make sure you check back for more great articles here at...

Reviews: Star Wars: Pit Droids

This article will be hitting the site shortly. Make sure you check back for more great articles here at...

Hennig Talks Upcoming Star Wars Game Development

At PAX West, EA Lead Developer Amy Hennig gives an insight into forthcoming games...

3.5 Gigapixel Millennium Falcon

Check out this image of the Millennium Falcon. This is a LOT of pixels...

Official Blog: Wil Wheaton Talks Star Wars Board Games

Bryan Young beams down a taste of Trek as he chats with Wesley Crusher himself, Wil Wheaton, over at The...

Kinect Star Wars Winners

Congratulations to Jim Campbell for winning our Kinect Star Wars competition with this entry (click for a closer look)... Jim wins a...

Official Rogue One: Scarif Trailer Released For Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif has new and exciting content inspired by Rogue One.

Fantasy Flight Games: Three New Dice Binders for ‘Star Wars’: Destiny

The power that binds all things within the galaxy has stretched across the entire Star Wars saga, and now it's coming to bind your Star Wars: Destiny dice together too.

Could ‘Battlefront II’ Be Released For The Nintendo Switch?

You never know what the future will hold.

Fantasy Flight Games: Work in Shadow

The Sentinel Specialization decks are now available for Force and Destiny from Fantasy Flight Games.

Galactic War Report Episode 54: R2-D2, Veers, And The Gauntlet Or Fang Or Whatever

Charge your blasters for the Galactic War Report.

Fantasy Flight Games: Prepare For Impact

Fantasy Flight Games preview the Hammerhead Corvettes Expansion Pack for Star Wars: Armada.

Fantasy Flight Games: Wield Immeasurable Power

Allies of Necessity Is now Available for Star Wars: The Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games.

Fantasy Flight Games: A Rebellion Built On Hope

Fantasy Flight Games release the downloadable rules for Rise of the Empire.

Complete List Of ‘Battlefront II’ Map Locations Revealed

Check out all the locations players will be visiting throughout the Star Wars universe.

The First Order Arrives… In Official ‘Star Wars’ App

Bring a massive First Order Dreadnought to life and see a full-blown battle on your own phone with the updated Star Wars app.

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