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Fantasy Flight Games: Follow Your Destiny

Fantasy Flight Games show us more about Savage Spirits and its specialization decks.

Fantasy Flight Games: Allies of Necessity

Fantasy Flight Games announce a new Force Pack for Star Wars: The Card Game.

Official Site: ‘Star Wars’ Force For Change Announces Humble Bundle 3 To Benefit Unicef

The Humble Bundle returns and over at the Official Site the full info is laid out, giving you a chance to donate and grab...

Fantasy Flight Games: Anchorhead Cantina

Check out the new skirmish playmat for Imperial Assault

Galactic War Report Episode 42: The First Order’s Second Chance with Mist Passiert

Get your thumbs at the ready for the latest Galactic War Report

Obsidian Almost Made A ‘Star Wars’ RPG Before Settling On KOTOR II

IGN have an interesting piece up looking at Obsidian Entertainment's work on Star Wars, and specifically a project that never was...

The Bearded Trio: Han Solo Logo Was Used By Lucasarts Long Before A Movie...

Han Solo is coming but he almost arrived a few years back, in a different format

Gameplay Video Of Zen Studios ‘Rogue One’ Pinball Table

Take a look at the new Star Wars Pinball Rogue One table in action.

Battlefront Sequel Will Have A Story Mode

Battlefront 2 will expand the galaxy with a story mode

Fantasy Flight Games: Shadow Across The Galaxy

X-Wing Wave 10 from Fantasy Flight Games Is now available

LEGO® Dimensions™ Expansion Packs: Wave 8

LEGO Dimensions Expansion Packs Based on The Goonies, Harry Potter, and LEGO City Announced for May Release.

EA Reveal Some Minor Details About Battlefront 2

In an extensive earnings call on 31st January, EA revealed some details of Battlefront 2, the upcoming sequel to 2015's Battlefront. Furious Fanboys broke down the Star Wars news.

Galactic War Report Episode 41: Krennic and Death Trooper

Join the team for the latest edition of Galactic War Report

PlayStation VR. Star Tours VR—The Adventures Continue Advert #WhatIf?

Playstation VR brings us another dip into the Star Wars galaxy

‘Rogue One’ Recreated As Classic 8-Bit Video Game

Rogue One gets an awesome retro 8-bit rendition.

UK Toy Fair 2017 – Esdevium Games

It's time to roll the dice and see what's new with games at Esdevium

Fantasy Flight Games: The Legacy of the Inquisitorius Jedi Hunters

A double-bladed lightsaber greets adventurers in Ghosts of Dathomir

‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’: ‘Defend The Throne’ Launch Trailer

Rejoin the worlds of Star Wars The Old Republic

Zen Studios Announces ‘Star Wars’ Pinball ‘Rogue One’ Table

A new table from Rogue One is set to land.

Fantasy Flight Games: Masters Of The Hunt

Track Down More Character and Campaign Options in No Disintegrations

A Beginner’s Guide To ‘Force Arena’

Android Central have put together a handy guide for people just starting to play Force Arena, the new Star Wars mobile game.

Fantasy Flight Games: Deploy Your Droids

Fantasy Flight Games announce three new figure packs for Imperial Assault

Of Dice and Droids Episode IX: Drive It Like You Stole It

Roll out for the latest episode of Dice And Droids

Fantasy Flight Games: Disciples of Harmony

Fantasy Flight Games present the latest sourcebook for Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Official Site: Choose Your Dream Team In Force Arena

Dan Brooks talks Force Arena with Lucasfilm lead game producer Kristoffer Bergqvist

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