New Rogue One TV Spot – “Hope Begins”

Rogue One TV spot #21 comin' right at ya!

New Rogue One Clips – “Jyn Rallies The Rebel Alliance” And “Trust Goes Both...

Two new clips from Rogue One have landed today.

New Rogue One Featurette Focuses On Jyn Erso

The latest Rogue One featurette places the spotlight on our lead hero.

Journalists Were Shown 28 Minutes Of Rogue One At Skywalker Ranch

Nearly a half hour of Rogue One footage has been screened. Come inside for a report on what was shown.

Rogue One TV Spots #19 And #20

Looks like we're up to 20 TV spots released now for Rogue One.

Watch The Rogue One Cast Twitter Q&A On YouTube, New Clip Shown

Here is all of today's exciting action from the Rogue One cast Twitter live stream Q&A event!

New Galen Erso Rogue One Character Poster

Jyn's father gets his own Rogue One character poster.

Gareth Edwards Plays Coy On Leia, R2-D2 In Rogue One

Gareth Edwards isn't spilling the beans on these two iconic characters.

Official Site: My Favourite Scene: Qui-Gon Waits

Jason Fry takes us through his favourite scene from the saga

Cover Art For Rogue One Soundtrack Revealed

The soundtrack for Rogue One has gotten it's cover.

Forest Whitaker Launches Rogue One Themed Charity Auctions

No better pairing than Star Wars and charity. The UK Fan Experience: December ’77

An old friend returns from the netherworld of the Force

Star Wars Rebels: Declassified “The Wynkahthu Job”

Join the team for the latest Star Wars Rebels: Declassified

John Williams Begins Work On The Episode VIII Score This Month!

Here's some Episode VIII news that all Star Wars fans will be giddy over.

New Rogue One Special Available On PEN Streaming Network

Check out this free-to-watch Rogue One special.

Cast Of Rogue One Will Be Guests On Jimmy Kimmel Live December 9

A gathering of cast members you won't want to miss!

Gwendoline Christie Believes Episode VIII Won’t Let Fans Down

The fan-favorite actress like's what she sees from Episode VIII.

Rebels Review: The Wynkahthu Job

The crew of the Ghost teams up with Hondo once again. Can Ezra convince the others that Hondo can be trusted? - Here's our Rebels Review!

First Official Rogue One Clip From The Film, More High Resolution Images

The first Rogue One clip has landed!

Coffee With Kenobi: Melinda’s Brew: My Ticket Buying Saga

Join Melinda over at CWK as she takes us through her podcasting journey

Felicity Jones Demos Her Badass Star Wars Fight Moves on Jimmy

Watch Felicity Jones on Jimmy Fallon as she shows off her unique skills

MTV Host A Facebook Live Rogue One Special With Felicity Jones And Diego Luna

Felicity Jones And Diego Luna took part in a Facebook Live interview with MTV today as part of the continuing promotional tour for Rogue One.

How Battlestar Galactica Came Out Of Star Wars

Knowing that Battlestar Galactica came out of Star Wars helps people understand how trends in fiction really work.

Donnie Yen Cements His Legacy!

Donnie Yen is at the TCL Chinese Theatre getting his hands and feet immortalised in cement. He has spoken with Variety about the significance to him of today's honour.

Billy Dee Williams To Finally Play Two-Face

Chris MacKay, the director of The LEGO Batman Movie, has confirmed that Billy Dee Williams will voice the role of Two-Face in the eagerly awaited film.
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