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The Star Wars Show, 12th October 2016

On this weeks Star Wars Show: Director Gareth Edwards stops by to debut the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story theatrical poster and drop some trailer news, we break the news on a new Marvel Star Wars comic.

Foodles Production UK (Ltd) Fined £1.6million In Health & Safety Failure That Saw Ford...

Today in Aylesbury Crown Court, Foodles Production UK (Ltd) were fined £1.6 million in relation to two breaches of heath and safety rules that resulted in the crushing of Harrison Ford's leg by a hydraulic door.

Rebels Review: The Antilles Extraction

A fan favorite film character is introduced and Sabine takes center stage...

Felicity Jones Talks Rogue One Reshoots

In a wide ranging and lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Felicity Jones comments on her role in Rogue One.

McGregor Talks About The Potential For Obi-Wan Spinoff Films

In a translated piece on Den Of Geek, originally posted in French on Premiere; Ewan McGrgeor has spoken about the potential for Obi-Wan spin off films.

Alan Tudyk Explains Why He Almost Turned Down Rogue One

Alan Tudyk spoke with EW and SiriusXM at NYCC and gave some interesting comments on his part in Rogue One.

Rebels Recon #3.03: Inside “The Antilles Extraction”

In this installment of Rebels Recon, we take a look at the Star Wars Rebels episode "The Antilles Extraction," which tells of how Wedge Antilles and Hobbie Klivian joined the rebellion.

Elstree 1976 To Get A UK Tour, iTunes And DVD Release

The feature-length documentary looking at the people behind the masks of the original Star Wars movie, Elstree 1976, is getting a UK tour, iTunes and DVD release!

Rogue One Trailer Coming Next Week?

MakingStarWars is reporting that a source they have report as "very reliable in the past," has told them that a trailer will be launched in the "later half of next week."

A Chat With “Young Rey” From The Force Awakens

While attending the Louisiana Film Prize, Nerdist enjoyed the rare opportunity to sit down with nine-year-old Cailey Fleming (Young Rey), who was there to promote her starring role in the new sci-fi short “Memoir.”

Forest Whitaker Goes From Rogue One To Marvel’s Black Panther

DigitalSpy is reporting that Rogue One's Forest Whitaker is now part of the Black Panther movie coming from Marvel.

“Hey everyone this is John Boyega, you are now at Penge East”

We've all been there, you bring a family member to work and they cause you nothing but embarrassment. Well Blessing Boyega, took her brother John to work on the UK's South Eastern Rail and this happened...

Star Wars Oxygen: Return To Revenge of the Sith

Tune in to one of the most essential podcasts in the galaxy, Star Wars Oxygen...

Star Wars After Show, 6th October 2016

Andi Gutierrez sits down with Lucasfilm employees and Star Wars Michael Dailey, Ian Bucknole, and Sammy Holland talk about the upcoming Ahsoka novel.

Star Wars Rebels: Declassified: “The Holocrons of Fate”

Join Jimmy and Jason for the latest episode of Rebels Declassified...

The Force Awakens Big Sleeve Movie Edition

Zavvi change up the format of movies with a new 12" sleeve AKA the Big Sleeve...

Disney To Buy Netflix?

Is Disney about to move to buy Netflix?

Star Wars Rebels: ‘The Holocrons of Fate’

Maul returns to Star Wars Rebels in a very intense episode...

Rogue One Stormtrooper On A Camel!

Felicity Jones comments on a bizarre Rogue One scene, in a Telegraph newspaper article publicising her upcoming film, Inferno.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tessa Thompson, Naomi Scott and Zoe Kravitz Testing...

Casting continues as the January filming of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story gets closer...

Jackie: Official Teaser Trailer, Starring Natalie Portman

Biopic of the former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, starring Natalie Portman...

The Star Wars Show – October 5, 2016

Today's episode of The Star Wars Show has landed!

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Valkorion, The Sovereign

It's time to rejoin the worlds and music of Star Wars: The Old Republic...

Ion Cannon #65: Rebels 303 The Holocrons of Fate

Join the team manning the Ion Cannon for their latest episode...

Warwick Davis Guests On The Dumping Ground

CBBC show The Dumping Ground featuring Sami Davis brings in a very special guest...
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