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TSWS: ‘Battlefront II’ Beta News, BTS Look At ‘Forces Of Destiny’, & More

Today's episode of The Star Wars Show has landed!

Starships, Sabers, And Scoundrels #76.1: Resistance – No Escape: Part 2

Episode 76.1 of Starships, Sabers and Scoundrels has arrived.

Starships, Sabers, And Scoundrels #56.2: Quartet on Solo – The Special Features

The latest episode of Starships, Sabers and Scoundrels has arrived.

Empire Reveals New Look At Snoke From ‘The Last Jedi’

We also get a few quotes from Andy Serkis about this villainous First Order leader.

Official Site: The Playlist: Captain Tarpals

Join Bryan Young for the latest Playlist

Dave Filoni Feels The Pressure Of New ‘Clone Wars’ Episodes

After the announcement of 12 new episodes of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars at SDCC a few weeks back, creator Dave Filoni has spoken about the pressure that it brings.

Learn More About The Aliens Of Canto Bight In ‘The Last Jedi’

Those with light pockets need not apply.

What Really Happened To Luke At The End Of ‘The Last Jedi’

He started as a starry-eyed kid who just wanted to go to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters....

Milners Blog: 10 Possible Titles for Episode IX

Will any of these wind up being the title for the final film in the Skywalker saga?

Full of Sith Episode CLXXXIV: The Rebels Season 3 Premiere

Rebels is back and so are the gang from Full of Sith...

Matthew Wood Discusses ‘The Clone Wars’ Revival

Matthew Wood has been talking about how excited he's feeling about the upcoming new series of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'.

‘The Last Jedi’ TV Spot Titled “Darkness Rises”, Promo Featuring Rose

We're a month away, people. A month away.

Empire’s Greatest ‘Star Wars’ Character Subscriber Cover Revealed

Empire Magazine recently put out the call for readers to vote for the Greatest Star Wars Character of All Time, and the winner by 12 parsecs was....

Vanity Fair: Expect an Unexpected C-3PO in The Rise of Skywalker

There could be more than meets the eye with C-3PO in Episode IX.

‘Rogue One’ User Interfaces Discussed

Wired have posted a gallery of user interface design pictures from the set of Rogue One and spoken to creator Andrew Booth.

Solo Arrives On Blu-ray In The US Today

Bring Solo home on Blu-ray today.

Tiya Sircar Teases A Twist With Sabine’s Story Arc

The emphasis may not be placed on Mandalore as heavily as presumed.

Review: Michael Giacchino’s 50th Birthday Celebration Royal Albert Hall

A review of an amazing evening celebrating the 50th birthday of Michael Giacchino.

Cinefex Shine the Spotlight on ILM’s Todd Vaziri

Cinefex continues its series of spotlight interviews asking movie magicians what makes them tick, it's the turn of ILM's Todd Vaziri.

‘Star Wars’ Report #288: Solo Fallout

Star Wars Report covers all the latest news of the week.

Watch ‘Forces Of Destiny’ TV Special From May 25 Via Disney YouTube Channel

Enjoy 'em all in one continuous YouTube video.

Official Site: The Cinema Behind Star Wars: Saving Private Ryan

Bryan Young brings his latest entry in the long-running Cinema Behind Star Wars series with a look at Steven Spielberg's...

Daisy Ridley From ‘Star Wars’ Future To ‘Orient Express’ Past

Inquirer.net sat down with Daisy Ridley to discuss transitioning from the future to the past, to star in Murder on the Orient Express.

Grand Admiral Thrawn In New Star Wars: Rebels Clip

Thrawn is almost here as season three of Star Wars Rebels is about to arrive in the States...

Rogue One Trailer To Be Attached To Doctor Strange?

A Walt Disney executive in Russia has revealed that a trailer for Rogue One will be attached to the October 28th release of Doctor Strange.
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