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Video Details Additions From ‘Rogue One’ Novelization Not Present In The Film

What can the novelization of Rogue One tell us about the film and the rest of the Star Wars galaxy?

Dave Filoni Tribute Artwork To The Late Carrie Fisher

Dave Filoni offers up his condolences in this touching artwork dedicated to Carrie Fisher.

George Lucas & Harrison Ford On The Passing Of Carrie Fisher

More reactions to the tragic death of Carrie Fisher.

Statement From Bob Iger & Kathleen Kennedy On The Passing Of Carrie Fisher

Comments from Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy on this deep loss.

Carrie Fisher Has Passed Away At Age 60

Our favorite princess has sadly left us...

John Knoll Discusses ILM Magic In ‘Rogue One’

Get the inside scoop on how Lucasfilm was able to include iconic Star Wars characters in Rogue One.

A Fun Look At The Death Star From A Design Viewpoint

WIRED have asked a group of designers, architects, and other professionals for their own assessments on Rogue One's Death Star - here is there fun take on the issues facing the Empire.

‘Rogue One’ Passes $500 Million At Worldwide Box Office

Rogue One blasts through $500 million barrier worldwide in just 11 days

The ‘Star Wars’ Report: ‘Rogue One’: A Story about Redemption

Over at Star Wars Report Jacob Burdis takes a look at the redemption arc of a number of Rogue One's characters

The World Sends Their Love To Carrie

Carrie Fisher's family and friends send their thoughts and prayers.

Ian Doescher Looks At The Politics Of ‘Rogue One’

Ian Doescher, the author of the William Shakespeare Star Wars series of books, has looked at the politics of Rogue One for Politico.

Public Service Warning: Don’t Fall Asleep During ‘Rogue One’

One unlucky Star Wars fan in Cornelius, Oregon, fell asleep during Rogue One and awoke in an empty cinema!

Carrie Fisher Remains In Hospital This Christmas Morning

Carrie Fisher remains in hospital on Christmas Day following what was has been reported as a heart attack on a flight to LA on 23rd December.

Rumours Of A Boba Fett Movie Revival Not All It Seems?

Rumours of a revival to the Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story movie have swept the internet on Christmas Eve due to a new listing on MyEntertainmentWorld.com.

‘Rogue One’ Stars On UK TV

Here's where you can catch the stars of Rogue One on UK TV this Christmas

How An Ex Royal Navy Officer Nabbed A Part In ‘Rogue One’

From the Navy to the Rebellion, it's been an amazing ride for Ben Hartley

Chirrut Îmwe’s Staff Contained Kyber Crystal

The strongest staffs have hearts of kyber

‘Han Solo’ ‘Red Cup’ Standalone Starts Supporting Casting

The Han Solo standalone is about to begin casting for supporting characters

‘Rogue One’ Continues Box Office Smashing

Rogue One continues to rip up the box office

Official Site: The Best Of 2016

2016 has been a banner year for Star Wars

Michael Giacchino Tweets Appreciation for ‘Star Wars’ Oxygen

The composer of Rogue One had some kind words to say about the detective work of David Collins on the latest Oxygen

Lucasfilm Have A 4K Restoration Of ‘A New Hope’

A New Hope in 4K? It IS Christmas!

‘Rogue One’ Displays From London-Based Animation Company BLIND

Animation company BLIND blended the classic with the modern to bring the A New Hope era back to life

John Williams Has Never Seen ‘Star Wars’

Believe it or not the maestro has never seen the film of all films

Lucasfilm’s Doug Chiang Speaks With Dan Brooks On Designing ‘Rogue One’

Doug Chiang, a Star Wars legend, discusses creating a variety of elements for Rogue One.
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