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As ‘The Last Jedi’ Nears $600M, Can ‘Star Wars’ Recover?

Of course 'Star Wars' will recover, but was there even a problem to begin with?

Will We Ever See An Oscar Winning Performance In ‘Star Wars’?

Will we ever see an Oscar winning performance in 'Star Wars'?

‘The Best Of John Williams’ Announced For Summer Concert At Blenheim Palace

'The Best Of John Williams' a concert from the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will be taking place this summer at Blenheim Palace.

Star Wars Influences #14: Part 2

We are proud to present the second part of this month's Star Wars Influences with new visual enhancement! Paul Bateman provides...

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures: Han Solo – From Smuggler to General

Even a scoundrel like Han Solo can become a hero in the Rebel Alliance.

Watch ‘The Last Jedi’ Cast Arrive On Stage At D23 Expo 2017

See the cast of The Last Jedi appear on stage at the D23 Expo 2017 during the Walt Disney Studios presentation.

Hungry For Some Han Solo Cast Members Hanging Out In London ?

Woody Harrelson, Alden Ehrenreich enjoy life in London whilst shooting the young Han Solo film.

Star Wars Oxygen: Return To Revenge of the Sith

Tune in to one of the most essential podcasts in the galaxy, Star Wars Oxygen...

How Tippett Studio Created an Easter Egg for Solo

Go behind the scenes at Tippett Studios where they revisited the famous Holochess set, with a great interview with their VFX Supervisor, Chris Morley.

Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Reveals Plans for D23 Expo 2019

Here is the latest news about Disney Parks, experiences and product reveals planned for next month's D23 Expo.

Donald Glover Talks ‘Solo’, First-Time Shot Of The Falcon, The Iconic Cape

You can't spell Lando without c-a-p-e.

Regal Robot – 20% Off New ‘Star Wars’ Items

More new products coming from Regal Robot tomorrow (March 1st) including NEW director chairs and cafe tables!

Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford Set To Return In Indiana Jones 5 On July 19,...

The wait is FINALLY over! The official announcement fellow Indy fans around the globe have been eagerly anticipating for the past few years since...

Empire Reveals New ‘The Last Jedi’ Image Of General Hux

Hux is not afraid to up the stakes in Episode VIII.

Nissan ‘Master the Drive – Star Wars’ Sweepstakes Ends November 27th

Find out how you can add a customized Star Wars vehicle to your garage, and enter the 'Master the Drive' sweepstakes.

Composer Gordy Haab To Score Star Wars Battlefront

Via an article posted earlier today on The Hollywood Reporter, we have learned who will be composing the music for Electronic Arts' upcoming...

The Soundtrack Show #20: Jurassic Park: A Musical Movie Commentary (Part I)

David Collins is the host of the weekly podcast The Soundtrack Show, and here's Ep. 20 -- Jurassic Park: A Musical Movie Commentary (Part I).

U-wing Concept Images Shown During Today’s Episode Of The Star Wars Show

Come inside for some concept images of the new U-wing fighter from Rogue One!

Sith Trooper Merchandise Arriving September 1, Interesting Detail About Them Revealed

New merchandise will be available real soon.

Rumor: Jon Favreau’s Live-Action Series To Focus On Mandalorians

We might be learning more about the world of the Mandos in 2019.

Academy Awards 2019 – Best Picture Producer Dedicates Award to Carrie Fisher

The producer of Green Book, Charles B. Wessler, dedicates the film to Carrie Fisher.

Resistance Rewind: Whispers of the First Order

The First Order is ready to take a larger role in galactic events.

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ – Spoiler Free Review

I’ve just got off a roller-coaster and I cannot wait to ride it again. That’s the easiest way to describe Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Ewan McGregor Autographs Live at Star Wars Authentics

Ewan McGregor autographs are now live at Star Wars Authentics.

New Footage From The Mandalorian Shown During Monday Night Football

Another sneak peek at the live-action Star Wars series ahead of its official debut.
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