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Star Wars Influences #26: Episode IX Director Shakeup

Paul Bateman is back to share his thoughts about the Episode IX director shakeup and much more besides!

Mark Hamill Reveals What Order To Watch ‘Star Wars’ Films

During an interview with Collider, Mark Hamill revealed what order he suggests watching the Star Wars films, over to the master.

Kathleen Kennedy: ‘Star Wars’ Films Being Planned For the Next 10 Years

Not really a surprise, but nice to hear it confirmed by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Released On Blu-ray & DVD In UK Tomorrow

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally released on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK tomorrow, 9th April -- order from Zavvi now!

Andy Serkis On Developing The Voice For Snoke

How did he choose the voice for such a sinister and powerful character?

Empire Posts New ‘Solo’ Images Of Han & Dryden Vos

And a familiar-looking character design can also be seen...

Laura Dern Talks ‘The Last Jedi’ On Ellen Show

Laura Dern talks The Last Jedi on The Ellen Show.

Alden Ehrenreich Confirms He’s Signed For Three ‘Star Wars’ Films

Alden will be making an appearance (or more) in a trifecta of films.

Seth Green To Voice A New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Character

He'll be providing the voice work for a new character in the series.

Essex Cinemas: Tickets For ‘Solo’ Go On Sale May 4

Sounds like May 4 is the day after all.

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Character Progression – Jedi Consular

More fantastic action from the worlds of the Old Republic as we investigate the Jedi Consular. Channeling the power of...

George Lucas Added A Joke To ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Ron Howard talks to Stephen Colbert about when George Lucas visited the set of 'Solo'.

Without Computers Redux

I haven’t spoken much about the developing details of Episode VII, and I will discuss the very real reasons for...

The Soundtrack Show #11: ‘Star Wars’ The Music (Part 1)

David Collins is the host of the weekly podcast The Soundtrack Show, and here's Ep. 11 -- Star Wars The Music (Part 1).

May the 4th: The Phantom Menace

George Lucas had finished Star Wars, and it nearly killed him. He wanted to move on, devote his time to...

Variety Cover Story Focuses On ‘Solo’ Reshoots & Directorial Change

Get caught up on Ron Howard bringing this standalone film to the finish line.

Sir Christopher Lee’s Awards To Go On Sale

Sir Christopher Lee's widow is selling the medals he amassed during his lifetime, from wartime medals and film accolades, to the medal he received when knighted.

Designing ‘Solo’ Part 3: How The Train Heist Came To Be

A high-speed heist like no other.

TSWS: ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer Reactions, Dave Filoni Talks ‘Rebels’ Season 4, & More

Today's episode of The Star Wars Show has landed. Watch it, you must!

Starships, Sabers, And Scoundrels #56.1: Burning Seas

The latest episode of Starships, Sabers and Scoundrels has arrived.

Very Fast, Very Dangerous

In around 1998, I fell in love with racing. No, not what they sanction for racing nowadays, with people just taking...

Target ‘Solo’ Blu-ray Releases Include Filmmaker Gallery, Storybook, Bonus Content

How many exclusive Solo Blu-ray releases will you be purchasing?

Official Site: Becoming K-2SO: Talking With Rogue One‘s Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk talks K-2SO with the Official Site...

Sources: ‘Indiana Jones 5’ To Miss July 2020 Release Date

New writer = new production timetable.

Growing up on Skywalker Ranch

Eric Walker is a name familiar to old-school fans of the Star Wars saga, as he portrayed the "Original Mace" Mace Towani...
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