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‘Revenge of the Sith’ Handmaiden Kristy Wright Discusses Her Role

Kristy Wright talks Revenge of the Sith.

Writer Jennifer Muro Talks ‘Forces Of Destiny’

She shares some thoughts on this new Star Wars animated micro-series.

Mark Hamill Selected To Receive Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Can you think of a more deserving candidate?

J.W. Rinzler: The Rise And Fall Of ‘Star Wars’

Jonathan Rinzler begins a blog journey through his years at Lucasfilm.

Official Site: Thank The Maker For ‘The Clone Wars’ And Asajj Ventress

Michael Moreci looks at the complicated enigma of Asajj Ventress.

Lucasfilm Selects Ron Howard As New Director Of Young Han Solo Film

Our new director has been officially named.

Does New ‘Darth Vader’ Comic Explain Luke Skywalker’s Exile?

The second issue in this new series may offer up some details on the impetus behind Luke going into hiding.

TSWS: Interview With Tom Spina, ILM Mo-Cap Fun, Gentle Giant’s SDCC Exclusives

The team reveals Gentle Giant's SDCC Star Wars exclusives, talks with prop restoration master Tom Spina, has fun on the ILM mo-cap stage, and more!

Is Ron Howard Being Considered To Take Over Young Han Solo Film?

Sources have reportedly told Deadline he is in the running.

Sources: Lucasfilm Fired Directors Phil Lord & Christopher Miller

It appears they did not see eye to eye with Kathleen Kennedy.

Phil Lord & Christopher Miller Leave Young Han Solo Film

Lucasfilm has decided to go in a different direction for their leaders of the next standalone film.

Red Cup: Filming On Fuerteventura

Steve Galloway reports from Fuerteventura and the filming locations for Red Cup AKA Han Solo.

‘Rogue One’ To Hit US Netflix July

Rogue One lands on US Netflix next month.

Official Site: 5 Spectacular Imperial/First Order Demises

Think it's easy being a Stormtrooper? Think again.

Runtime For Second ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer Revealed

A few details on the next trailer for Episode VIII have come to light.

So How Do You Tell Your Daughter Her Dad Is Darth Vader?

'So kid, your dad is Darth Vader....'

Official Site: Yoda Almost Looked Like A Garden Gnome

Star Wars could have looked vastly different.

BBC News: Carrie Fisher Died From ‘Sleep Apnoea And Other Causes’

Carrie Fishers cause of death listed as undetermined.

‘Looking For Leia’ Documentary Needs $8000 To Reach Kickstarter Target

The Looking For Leia documentary needs your help.

TSWS: Extended Interview With Janina Gavankar From ‘Battlefront II’

Iden Versio from Star Wars Battlefront II spends some more time on The Star Wars Show.

TSWS: Extended Interview With Eugene Byrd From ‘The Freemaker Adventures’

The voice of Zander Freemaker chats with Anthony Carboni.

TSWS: Extended Interview With Thrawn Creator Timothy Zahn

Hear more from the successful author during his recent appearance on The Star Wars Show.

TSWS: ‘Battlefront II’ At EA Play, Interview With Inferno Squad’s Janina Gavankar

In this installment of The Star Wars Show, we talk with Star Wars Battlefront II's Janina Gavankar, visit EA Play, and more!

Official Site: The Playlist: A Guide To ‘Clone Wars’ Legend Cham Syndulla

Read the return of The Playlist over at the Official Site.

Skywalking Through Neverland Archival Rewind: Laserdisc Supplemental Material (part 1)

The Skywalkers run through the laserdisc extras in the latest Archival Rewind.
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