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High Resolution Image Of ‘The Last Jedi’ Teaser Poster

Come inside for a downloadable high rez image.

A Frame By Frame Breakdown Of ‘The Last Jedi’ Teaser Trailer

Check out our gallery below which breaks down the The Last Jedi trailer, released at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, frame by frame –...

Sources: Sam Esmail To Write Script For A ‘Star Wars’ Standalone Film

Rumors are claiming he is in the running.

How Influential Is The Music In ‘Star Wars’?

Just how important is music to the collage of Star Wars.

John Boyega On UK TV Last Night

With Team Jedi News partially still in Florida or freshly returned to their respective homes we're still finding our feet with UK news, but thankfully...

Oscar Isaac: ‘The Last Jedi’ Cast Will Have Character Flaws Tested, Deal With Crisis

Some very tough times are ahead for our heroes.

‘Star Wars’ Influences #22: ‘The Last Jedi’ Teaser Trailer

Join Paul and Jimmy for the latest Star Wars Influences.

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season Three Finale Incoming

The Season Three finale of Star Wars Rebels finally arrives in the UK, Saturday 22nd April at 9am on Disney XD.

Oscar Isaac Says He Filmed An “Intense” ‘The Last Jedi’ Scene With Carrie Fisher

Looks like we'll be seeing a more in-your-face Leia in Episode VIII.

The ‘Star Wars’ Show: ‘The Last Jedi’ Director Rian Johnson, the Best of Celebration,...

It's time for the first post-Celebration episode of The Star Wars Show.

UPDATED: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 4 Will Contain Only 16 Episodes

Not only will Season 4 be the final season for the series, it will be a truncated season as well.

40 Years Of ‘Star Wars’: The Saga Medley

Enjoy this amazing journey through the Star Wars saga so far.

New Planet From ‘The Last Jedi’ Is Heading To Star Tours

Buckle up - it's gonna be one hell of a ride!

New Force For Change Video Shows Alien Creature From Young Han Solo Film

Catch a quick look at one of the alien creatures from the set of the new young Han Solo standalone film.

Next ‘Star Wars’ Standalone Film Could Be Announced This Summer

The announcement for the next standalone film could come sooner rather than later.

Kathleen Kennedy Clarifies Bob Iger’s Comments About Han Solo’s Name

Kennedy clears up the confusion over Han's "name" in the upcoming standalone film.

Dave Filoni Squashes Seeing ‘Rogue One’ Scarif Battle In ‘Star Wars Rebels’

Dave elaborates more on the ties between Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One.

Steele Saunders Covers Celebration Orlando 2017 For Studio 10

Checkout Steele Saunders as he covers Celebration Orlando and catches up with some star guests.

‘The Last Jedi’ Opening Crawl Will Contain Three Paragraphs

Regardless of how it starts off, Episode VIII will have a noteworthy opening crawl.

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 4 To Play Out Like One Long Story Arc

Season 4 will feel like one epic journey.

‘The Last Jedi’ And ‘The Force Awakens’ Teasers Side-by-Side

Check this out, the ring theory in motion.

Disney Posts New ‘Star Wars’ Land Development Video

Check out this new Star Wars Land development video.

Revisiting That Sequel Trilogy Timeline Animated Series Rumor

We may have a hint at the future plans of the Lucasfilm animation department.

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Official Season 4 Trailer, Final Season For The Series

Destinies are revealed in the final season of Star Wars Rebels.

Rian Johnson: ‘The Last Jedi’ Title Is Singular In My Mind

One is a lonely number.

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