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Rebels Recon #3.21: Inside “Zero Hour”

The final Rebels Recon of Star Wars Rebels Season 3 is here.

Screenrant: How ‘Star Wars’ Is Almost More Sacrosanct Than Real History

We treat it like history, but is the history of Star Wars more important than real history?

Official Site: “This Is The Ultimate Showdown” Vanessa Talks ‘Rebels’ Season Three

Bryan Young chats with Vanessa Marshall over at the official site.

First Look At Celebration Orlando 2017 Store Merchandise

Check out some of the items that will be available exclusively at the Celebration Store.

The ‘Rogue One’ TIE Fighter Scene, A Deleted Planet, & Axed Cameos

Entertainment Weekly brings their "Rogue One Revelations" series to a close.

John Knoll Has An Idea For Another ‘Star Wars’ Standalone Film

The wheels are turning for another standalone film from this ILM genius.

Digital HD Links Now Listed On Official ‘Rogue One’ Website

Lucasfilm's first Star Wars standalone film is now available for home consumption.

Laura Dern Praises Rian Johnson For His Work On ‘The Last Jedi’

She says "he’s the guy to watch."

Early ‘Rogue One’ Draft Had Riz Ahmed Playing An Engineer Named Bokan

The character we know as Bodhi Rook initially wasn't was.

Soundstage Events: Colin Goudie, Tuesday April 18th 2017

Rogue One editor Colin Goudie is the next guest at Soundstage.

Disney Extends Contract For CEO Bob Iger To July 2019

Another contact extension for Iger has been officially announced.

Ausfans Radio Episode 80: The Weekly Show

Join Alan for the latest episode of Ausfans.

Woody Harrelson Reveals His Character Name In Young Han Solo Film

We now know the name of Woody's character in the next Star Wars standalone film.

Two More ‘Rogue One’ Alternate Endings That Were Scrapped

This film went through it's fair share of proposed endings.

Early Version Of ‘Rogue One’ Depicted Jyn’s Mother As A Slain Jedi

A very different backstory was originally planned for Lyra Erso.

Sam Witwer Reflects On Playing Maul In Interview With Dan Brooks

Witwer looks back on his time playing this extremely popular Star Wars character.

Geek Musique: The Sound of Sci-Fi: Saturday 25th March

The music of the saga comes to Wales this Saturday.

Laura Dern Is Very Tight-Lipped About Her ‘The Last Jedi’ Role

She's not revealing a thing about her character, not even to her family members.

UPDATED: Preview Clip & Images From ‘Star Wars Rebels’ “Zero Hour”

Watch "Zero Hour" on Saturday, March 25 on Disney XD.

‘Star Wars Rebels’: Declassified: “Twin Suns”

Adam Bray and Paul Bateman join Jimmy and Jason for Declassified.

Rebels Review: Twin Suns

Ezra defies orders to go seek out an old Jedi Master.

Early Draft Of ‘Rogue One’ Had Darth Vader Killing A Major Character

One of the film's main characters was initially set to meet their demise at the hands of Vader.

Full of Sith Special Release: Twin Suns

Full of Sith discuss Twin Suns in this special release.

Unboxing John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection CD Album

Rob at The Bearded Trio unboxes some maestro goodness.
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