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REPORT: ‘Solo’ To Be Released In China On May 25

China and the US are set to both premiere the second standalone film on the same date.

TSWS: Interview With ‘Solo’ Writers Lawrence & Jonathan Kasdan

Writers Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan discuss their love of Han Solo and more.

Thandie Newton Shares Photo Of Val On Twitter

Can't wait to learn more about this Solo character.

RUMOR: Tickets For ‘Solo’ To Go On Sale May 4

Star Wars Day may be even more special this year.

Vote For ‘Star Wars’ In 2018 Webby Awards!

You only have till the end of play tomorrow (Thursday) to vote for Star Wars & StarWars.com in the prestigious Webby Awards.

Another Japanese Poster For ‘Solo’ Has Landed

Check out this cool Japanese poster for Solo.

Victoria Mahoney Named Second Unit Director For Episode IX

Truly excellent news.

Amazon Now The Fifth Biggest Retailer In The UK

GlobalData reports that Amazon continues to outstrip growth in the UK online channel, with revenue increasing by 22.5 per cent in 2017.

New ‘Solo’ TV Spot Titled “Risk”

“I waited a long time for a shot like this”.

Official Databank Updated With ‘Solo’ Characters & Vehicles

Expand your Solo knowledge with these new official databank entries.

Empire Posts New ‘Solo’ Images Of Han & Dryden Vos

And a familiar-looking character design can also be seen...

Mark Hamill Has More ‘Star Wars’ Thoughts For You To Mull Over

Mark Hamill offers some more new thoughts on The Last Jedi, the prospect of seeing Luke in Episode IX, and more.

General Mills Cereal ‘Solo’ Free Movie Ticket Promo

Here's how you can score a free ticket to see Solo in theaters.

New ‘Solo’ TV Spot Titled “Crew”

“If you come with me, you’re in this life for good.”

Is Yoda Set To Make Comeback In ‘Episode IX’?

Is Yoda set to make a return in Episode IX....?

‘Millennium Falcon’ Might Not Be As New As Thought In ‘Solo’

"The Falcon has always been old. Lando’s version best represents his tastes. Think of it as not only restored but also customized." -- Pablo Hidalgo

Skywalking Through Neverland #209: ‘Solo’ & ‘The Last Jedi’ Fun Facts

Join Sarah, Richard and guests for the the 209th episode of Skywalking Through Neverland!

Ion Cannon #246: ‘Rebels’ Season 4 Recap

Ion Cannon #246 blasts off.

‘Star Wars’ Report #326: ‘Solo’ Trailer 2 Reaction & Stephen Stanton

Episode 326 of Star Wars Report arrives.

‘Star Wars’ Influences #29

Paul Bateman is back with Jimmy Mac to share their thoughts about Solo: A Star Wars Story -- and much more besides!

Fox President: Disney/Fox Deal Expected To Close By Summer 2019

We have a bit more time before the deal is officially finalized.

GIF Provides A Look At Paul Bettany’s ‘Solo’ Character Dryden Vos

You pointing that finger at me?

Cannes Film Festival Website Lists ‘Solo’ Runtime

Here's how long you'll be in your seat watching the second Star Wars standalone film.

Jake Lunt Davies, Creature Concept Designer, Talks To StarWarsInterviews.com

StarWarsInterviews.com talks to Jake Lunt Davies, Creature Concept Designer of all four new Star Wars movies, about his experiences working on the films and more.
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