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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ – Spoiler Free Review

I’ve just got off a roller-coaster and I cannot wait to ride it again. That’s the easiest way to describe Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Alpaca Travel: Locations of ‘The Last Jedi’

Alpaca Travel, who offer bespoke travel mapping tools, have updated their service with the latest earth locations used for filming The Last Jedi.

Disney To Close 21st Century Fox Deal On Thursday?

Disney may have finally caught the Fox!

‘The Last Jedi’ Expected To Enjoy A $425M+ Global Opening

Nearly half a billion right out of the gate? I'd buy that for a dollar!

‘Star Wars’ The Blockbuster Made In Borehamwood

Star Wars would never have been made without a British studio and host of talented artists and technicians - the BBC look back 40 years.

Funko Acquires UK Based Evil Corp Creating Funko Animation Studios

Funko continues their acquisition spree, to create Funko Animation Studios.

‘The Galaxy Britain Built: Droids, Darth Vader And Lightsabers’

Presenter and Star Wars fan David Whiteley uncovers some never-before-heard stories from the geniuses who helped build the galaxy.

Lucasfilm’s Dan Brooks Speaks With Rian Johnson About ‘The Last Jedi’

We're only a few short days away now...

3-Minute Video From ‘The Last Jedi’ Red Carpet World Premiere

The stars of a galaxy far, far away were out in force for the world premiere of The Last Jedi.

Entertainment Weekly Photos From ‘The Last Jedi’ Red Carpet World Premiere

A Force to behold indeed.

Photos From ‘The Last Jedi’ Red Carpet World Premiere Via ComingSoon.net

Another batch of photos from the Episode VIII red carpet is here for your viewing pleasure.

LA Daily News Photos From ‘The Last Jedi’ Red Carpet World Premiere

Here's a sweet collection of photos taken during last night's Episode VIII main event!

StarWars.com’s Cast & Crew Photos From ‘The Last Jedi’ Red Carpet World Premiere

A truly special night to remember.

List Of All ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Related Books Coming Out On Dec....

A list of all the The Last Jedi inspired books coming out on December 15th.

RUMOR: Filming For Obi-Wan Standalone Film To Begin In January 2019

Are cameras being planned to roll for this standalone film once 2019 arrives?

Gorgeous Chinese ‘The Last Jedi’ Character Posters

Episode VIII continues to feature exemplary artistic entries.

New ‘The Last Jedi’ Real D 3D Posters By Artist Matt Ferguson

The light side and the dark side come together.

Watch Mark Hamill On ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

Living legend Mark Hamill appreciates the loyal fan base of Star Wars so much that he has given them a name.

Video: Worlds Of ‘The Last Jedi’ Featurette

Explore the real-world locations behind the worlds of The Last Jedi.

Kathleen Kennedy On Selecting Rian Johnson To Helm New ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

The Lucasfilm/Rian Johnson match appears to be one made in heaven.

Rian Johnson Reveals More Film Director Cameos In ‘The Last Jedi’

How many will you spot on screen next week?

REMINDER: Watch ‘The Last Jedi’ Red Carpet World Premiere LIVE Today

It all gets rolling beginning at 5:00pm PT.

Empire Awards 2018 – Voting Now Open

The polls are now officially open for the 2018 Empire Awards.

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ – Luke’s First Words

Get involved on Twitter and share your thoughts on #LukesFirstWords.

Mads Mikkelsen: Backstory Of The Empire Should Be Expanded

Not everyone under the umbrella of the Empire is evil.
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