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Rogue One Gillette Launch at Pinewood Studios October 2016

Here's our gallery of images from the Rogue One Gillette Launch last Thursday evening at Pinewood Studios (Stage 2).

Star Wars Identities Comes To The UK November 2016

After runs in Canada and Germany Star Wars Identities finally makes it to the UK...

SDCC 2014: Diamond Exclusive Spirit Yoda Quarter Scale Vinyl Bank

PREVIEWSworld provides us with a...umm...preview of the SDCC 2014 exclusives that will be available from Diamond Select Toys, which includes their Spirit Yoda...

UK Toy Fair 2011 – 501st UK Garrison & Rebel Legion UK

How can you reveal new Star Wars products without help from the 501st UK Garrison and Rebel Legion UK?  Here's some great pictures from...

Steele Saunders Covers Celebration Orlando 2017 For Studio 10

Checkout Steele Saunders as he covers Celebration Orlando and catches up with some star guests.

Celebration Orlando 2017: Kotobukiya Exclusives

If you love droids, you're gonna love Kotobukiya's exclusives for Celebration Orlando.

RADIO 1138: Episode 69 – A New Journey

Join James Burns for the latest episode of RADIO 1138, featuring Steve Sansweet from Rancho Obi-Wan.

Thursday Programming for Star Wars at SDCC

The Thursday Program Schedule for SDCC was released earlier today, and we have a list of the events/panels that pertain to Star Wars in some form...

Warwick Davis to Attend Toy Fair with Asmodee UK

Some great news for those attending the UK Toy Fair next week, Warwick Davis will be there to promote the board game adaptation of Tenable.

Close-Up Pics Of The Black Series Archive Boba Fett & Bossk Figures

What do you think of this new Archive cardback design?

SDCC 2018: Exhibit Hall Map & Exhibitor List Now Online

Let the SDCC preparation begin.

Star Wars Reads Returns in October with Age Of Star Wars Preview

Star Wars Reads returns in October, along with a free magazine previewing upcoming Star Wars titles including the Age Of Star Wars.

NYCC 2018: Download The Mobile App Today

Install it on your phone today.

Celebration Anaheim 2015: Rancho Obi-Wan Exhibit Book Announced

Our great friends over at Rancho Obi-Wan have some very exciting news to pass along to all Star Wars fans who will be...

Databurst From The 501st

It's time for the latest Databurst from the 501st, via Roqoo Depot.

The WolfPack Podcast #144: Remembering Christopher Lee And SDCC Is Approaching

It's time to join the gang over at the Wolfpack podcast for the latest episode. On this episode of The WolfPack...

Celebration Anaheim 2015: First Collectors Stage Panel Descriptions & More Star Tots Revealed

Just a short time ago, descriptions of the first group of Collectors Stage panels and images of new Star Tots that will be...

Star Wars Actors Appearances Updates

Jedi News is working with Star Wars Actors Appearances to bring you the very latest in Star Wars actors convention appearances. ...

George Lucas Approved Rare Pre-Special Edition Star Wars Screening

The Academy was given permission by George Lucas to screen a pre Special Edition version of Star Wars: A New Hope in 70mm.

More Official Images Of Hasbro SDCC 2015 6-Inch First Order Stormtrooper

Heads up - First Order Trooper and KREON Class of 85 images just added to the FTP.— Justin Aclin (@justinaclin) June 12, 2015...

501st Legion Marches To Comic Con Portugal

The fighting 501st are marching to Comic Con Portugal and here are all the details. The 501st ...

Databurst From the 501st

Jedi News is working with Roqoo Depot and the 501st Legion to bring you the very latest activity from garrisons across the...

Databurst From The 501st

It's time for the databurst from the 501st, via Roqoo depot.

UPDATED: SDCC 2015: Will The Hot Wheels First Order Stormtrooper Car Be Sold With...

Jedi News reader Trevor R. sent me the following image of the Hot Wheels The Force Awakens First Order Stormtrooper character car that...

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