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Hasbro Pulse To Be Used More For Star Wars Product Release Updates

During an interview conducted at SDCC with Making Star Wars, Hasbro's Director of Global Brand Strategy and Marketing for Star Wars, Joe Ninivaggi, revealed...

Less Than 10 Hours Left To Back HasLab Jabba’s Sail Barge

The deadline is almost here.

Fantasy Flight Games: Reviews

Fantasy Flight Games bought the Star Wars licence in 2010, announcing it to the world. Now prepare to enter once again...

Meet Joelle PLUS Po-Zu Han Solo Sneakers Now In Other Sizes

Meet Joelle PLUS Po-Zu Han Solo sneakers now available in other sizes.

Fantasy Flight Games: Who Will You Become?

Fantasy Flight Games bring us a preview of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Beginners Game. From the...

Hasbro Posts $112.5m Loss In Q1 2018 As Toys ‘R’ Us Liquidation Takes Effect

Hasbro has posted a net loss of $112.5 million which includes after-tax expenses of $61.4 million associated with Toys 'R' Us.

Fantasy Flight Games: Achieving Ultimate Power

Take a closer look at the Empire in the #ImperialAssault skirmish game! #StarWars https://t.co/msHP6zqKLb pic.twitter.com/MPZi8z3u0s— Fantasy Flight Games (@FFGames) April 7, 2015...

Han Solo’s ‘Return Of The Jedi’ Hero Blaster Up For Auction

Han Solo's hero blaster from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi is going up for auction next month and could sell for over $500,000!

Fantasy Flight Games: Domain of the Master

Another preview from Fantasy Flight Games for a Star Wars: The Card Game product, this time of the Jedi Objective...

LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Magazine #35 From Egmont Out Now

LEGO Star Wars Magazine #35 from Egmont is out, and comes with a Dwarf Spider Droid from Attack of the Clones and Rey's Speeder from The Force Awakens.

Fantasy Flight Games: Age of Rebellion: Flaunt Your Talent

Politicians in the Star Wars galaxy need all the edge they can get, and this sourcebook gives them all...

Topps Countdown To ‘Solo’ Trading Card 23

Place your order for this Solo trading card before time runs out.

Fantasy Flight Games: The Star Wars Dice App Has Been Updated

What are you more likely to forget to take with you on game night - your dice or your phone?...

Pre-order ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ The Official Collector’s Edition From Titan!

Relive the excitement of Solo: A Star Wars Story with this lavishly illustrated movie companion on sale in July.

Fantasy Flight Games: Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion Is Now Available!

Side with the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance and battle for the fate of the galaxy in Star Wars...

Pre-Order Hot Toys ‘Attack Of The Clones’ Yoda & Count Dooku Sixth Scale Figures

Place your pre-order for these new Episode II figures today.

Fantasy Flight Games: We’ll Have To Destroy Them Ship to Ship

In another preview from Fantasy Flight Games about their upcoming X-Wing Miniatures game, we learn more about the TIE fighter expansion pack....

Loungefly SDCC 2018 Exclusive Porg Mini Backpack

Tote your gear and show some porg love at the same time.

Sideshow Ralph McQuarrie Artist Series Stormtrooper Statue Announced

Sideshow Collectibles has announced that they will be releasing a Ralph McQuarrie Artist Series Stormtrooper Statue. Pre-order details have not yet been posted,...

Bluefin Announces B-Wing Model Kit From Bandai Hobby For SDCC

If you're attending SDCC then head to booth #401 to buy a 1/72 Scale Star Wars B-Wing Star Fighter Limited Edition Model Kit from Bandai Hobby.

Enter To Win A Hot Wheels Star Wars Prize Pack

Hot Wheels and @StarWars have joined forces. Enter now for a chance to win this prize pack: https://t.co/xVqjCrIsX6 pic.twitter.com/FLMSaN6vEj— Hot Wheels (@Hot_Wheels) October...

Sideshow Reveals Darth Maul “Dark Disciple” Mythos Fine Art Print

A new Maul art print from artist Walter O’Neal is incoming.

Hot Wheels Wicket Character Car Revealed

You won’t want to ignore this contemptible little fur-ball! Wicket hits stores later this year. #SWCelebration pic.twitter.com/5xpMQGRU7e— Hot Wheels (@Hot_Wheels) April 15, 2015...

New Force Link 2.0 TIE Fighter Listed On Hasbro Toy Shop

The Empire's primary short range craft joins the Force Link 2.0 product line.

Star Wars Collectors Cast: Episode 64

It's time to join James Burns and Mark Newbold for the latest episode of Star Wars Collectors Cast, brought to you by...

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