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SDCC 2014: Amy Ratcliffe On Star Wars Rebels Special Screening

Fans at SDCC last night were treated to an exclusive special screening of the hour-long debut episode of Star Wars Rebels. While remaining spoiler free,...

Hot Toys Announces MMS397 The Empire Strikes Back Snowtrooper Sixth Scale Figure

A new Episode V Snowtrooper Sixth Scale Figure from Hot Toys has been revealed.

Fantasy Flight Games: We’ll Have To Destroy Them Ship to Ship

In another preview from Fantasy Flight Games about their upcoming X-Wing Miniatures game, we learn more about the TIE fighter expansion pack....

Mission Orange: Carrie Fisher Memorial Patch

Mission Orange present their latest charity patch.

Big Bad Toy Store News

Site sponsors BigBadToyStore.com are proud to announce two more shared exclusives... BBTS Shared Exclusive - Platinum Edition - Grimlock vs. Bruticus.   Each figure has...

New Hasbro Mini Rig Deluxe Vehicle Revealed

The current issue of Diamond's Previews features these Vehicles and Figure packs (known to us as Mini Rigs) but now officially called Star Wars...

YodasNews Videos from SDCC

Our friends over at YodasNews.com have posted a first look at the new eFX 1:1 Star Wars Shadow Trooper Helmet... As...

Images Of All 20 Celebration Orlando 2017 Collecting Track Star Tots

Here's a handy visual checklist for collecting 'em all at Celebration Orlando.

SDCC 2015: Multi-Colored Wookiee Cosplay

What the wookie? #sdcc pic.twitter.com/lgzzfoen9c— Cavan Scott (@cavanscott) July 10, 2015

UK Toy Fair 2010 – Hasbro General Grievous Lightsaber

Thanks to our goods friends at Hasbro (both in the UK and US) we've got exclusive images of some of the products...

Blog: Best Star Wars Costumes at SDCC

This year's SDCC may have ended, but it is far from forgotten, as Jennifer Landa has posted pics of some of her...

SDCC 2016: Gentle Giant Exclusive Chewbacca Ralph McQuarrie Concept Mini Bust Pre-Order

Ralph McQuarrie's original Chewbacca arrives via Gentle Giant

SDCC 2014: Saturday Programming Schedule

The programming schedule for Saturday at SDCC has been officially released. Look for the list of events for Sunday to go live sometime...

UK Toy Fair 2015: Hasbro

Today was the first day, press day, of the UK Toy Fair and there was plenty to see and talk about.  Over...

‘Star Wars’ Celebration Orlando 2017: Malcolm Tween Print Available For Pre-Order

Malcolm Tween's stunning Celebration artwork is available for pre-order.

Star Wars Hasbro MTT On Discount, Now £67.49

Found at the Bristol Brislington branch here in the UK by reader Steve Lewis, who said there were a couple of this...

TFNY 2015: Bladebuilders

As the Star Wars saga has developed, the design of the blade has evolved with it. But how would you...

SDCC – LEGO Tantive IV Debuts

The new LEGO Tantive IV has debuted at SDCC and will be available in the UK towards the end of August priced at £97.85....

Hot Wheels Biggs Darklighter Character Car Will Be A Celebration Orlando 2017 Exclusive

The results of the van voting at Celebration Europe 2016 for the next Hot Wheels Celebration exclusive character car entry have been tallied!

‘Star Wars’ Action News Ep 496: Force Friday II – Over 2 hours of...

It's the Force Friday episode of Star Wars Action News.

Save 15% Off Rey’s Salvaged X-Wing Helmet from Anovos

Until June 28th save 15% Off Rey's salvaged X-Wing Helmet.

New Hasbro Star Wars Items at UK Retail

The Vintage Collection Wave 6 (on the new Euro cards) is now hitting Asda stores.  We’ve been getting reports of people paying anywhere between...

SDCC Exclusive Anakin Skywalker Mini Bust High Res Images

UPDATED - Rebelscum have been informed by one of their readers that Gentle Giant will make the Anakin Skywalker Mini Bust available to Premier...

Funko Pop! Scarif Stormtrooper (Striped) #156 At Toys ‘R’ Us UK

The exclusive Funko Pop! Scarif Stormtrooper (Striped) #156 will be available exclusively in the UK at Toys 'R' Us.

“Force Friday II” Coming September 1, New ‘The Last Jedi’ Packaging Revealed

The next "Force Friday" event has a date!

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