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Turning to the Dork Side #1

Long-time readers of Lightsabre will remember this gem of a series by artist and regular online Star Wars presence Neil Baker. Well,...

Hot Toys Reveals Praetorian Guard With Double Blade Sixth Scale Figure

Hot Toys is the cure for your Praetorian Guard craving.

ForceCast Trading Cards at CV – Ralph McQuarrie

Here's an update on sixth and final trading card from the cast and crew of our pals at the ForceCast... One of the best parts...

Hot Toys Reveals New Darth Vader ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Sixth Scale Figure

A new Vader figure from Episode V is set to join your sixth scale collection.

Big Bad Toy Store News

Read on for the latest update from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store featuring lots of new pre-orders and arrivals including lots of...

LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Advent Calendar 2017 – Day 3

It's day three of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2017.

Big Bad Toy Store News

Read on for the latest update from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store featuring lots of new pre-orders and arrivals... ...

Count Down to ‘The Last Jedi’ With 40% Off Select Items At ‘Star Wars’...

Save big on autographs and photos from Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Topps Star Wars Authentics now!

Big Bad Toy Store News

Read on for the latest update from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store featuring lots of new pre-orders and arrivals... ...

The Vintage Rebellion Episode 43: To Newboldly Go Where No Fantha Has Gone Before!

It's time for the 43rd episode of The Vintage Rebellion.

Hasbro Q&A Verification

Our friends at Hasbro have been in touch to clarify an answer from the last round of Q&A's; this is what they had...

‘StarWars.com’ Look At Best Of 2017

The writers of StarWars.com look back on the highlights of a major Star Wars year.

Reminder: Hasbro Questions for Friday

Get your questions answered by the Star Wars product team at Hasbro by taking the link above.  We need your questions by 2pm tomorrow, Friday 1st...

Hasbro’s The Vintage Collection Returns Soon And I Can’t Wait

The excitement over the return of this line continues to grow.

Reminder: Hasbro Questions For Tomorrow Please…

Here's a reminder that we need your questions for the next round of Hasbro's Q&A by midday tomorrow please (just take the link above!)...

Sphero Rolls Back To Focus On Education & Cuts Jobs

Sphero was forced to lay off 45 staff members across the globe, and change their focus towards its growing educational business.

New Hasbro Rumours and Photos

Here's a round up of some new product images along with a few rumours thrown in for good measure too... Yakface.com has posted a spy report...

ANOVOS Presents First Order Officer Uniform — Now Available For Pre-Order!

ANOVOS presents the First Order Officer uniform from The Last Jedi, available to pre-order now.

Hasbro Q&A – The Answers (Week 90/Jedi News Week 50)

You asked the questions and here's the answers to the 50th batch of questions and our 9th (of 12) for 2010.  Thanks to Hasbro...

EW: First Look At New ‘Solo’ Toys From Hasbro

Here are our first official images from this new product line.

New York Toy Fair 2011 – Hasbro Images

UPDATE: click here to view D Martin Myatt's images at Rebelscum from Hasbro's Star Wars Showroom Display! Along with the Presentation and Press Release Hasbro have...

TFNY 2018: Funko (Incorporating Loungefly)

The latest products from Funko and Loungefly on display at New York Toy Fair.

Hasbro News: Star Wars Fans’ Choice Poll 2011!

This just in from our friends at Hasbro/Hunter PR... Hasbro is pleased to once again invite you to help determine its next...

Hasbro Pulse: The Vintage Conversation Starts Today

Hasbro's The Vintage Conversation starts today on Hasbro Pulse on Instagram -- what's your top 3 figures you'd like to see in super-articulated form?

The ‘Force’ Could Push US Toy Industry To Best Year Since 1999

There's no sign of slowdown as toy sales for Star Wars continue to reach stratospheric figures. The Force is with...

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