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R2-KT Pink Brigade Patch #2

R2-KT has another exclusive patch available; Pink Brigade patch #2.

Do Prom Your Way With Hot Topic’s Exclusive ‘Star Wars’ Dress

New designs arrive from Torrid and Hot Topic.

Reminder: Po-Zu Sale Now On!

Grab a bargain in the Po-Zu sale which is now on and features discounts on many styles for adults & children.

Wear ‘Star Wars’ Every Day: Final Report & Week 52

Check out the final wrap up for James Floyds 2016 fund raising initiative.

Design By Humans x Rogue One Apparel Coming Soon

More great product coming our way from Design By Humans...

Merchandise Announced for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Learn more about the merchandise available to buy in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Star Wars Kinect: Georgia Graham Week Eight

Jedi News and Xbox 360 UK have worked closely together this year to bring you all the latest news and...

OppoSuits Unveils New Star Wars Collection

OppoSuits unveil their new collection of men's Star Wars suits...

Anovos Black Friday Pricing: Shadow Stormtrooper

If you missed out on the initial release of  the Star Wars Shadow Stormtrooper armour from Anovos, today is the perfect time to...

SDCC 2018 Exclusive Jabba’s Palace Print Nylon Backpack & Pencil Case Set

Flaunt your love for this vile gangster and his home dwelling.

ANOVOS ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Sabine Wren Season 4 Helmet

As Star Wars Rebels comes to a close, ANOVOS is excited to offer the Sabine Wren Helmet featuring deco from Season 4.

Her Universe: Boba Fett Dress Samples

Boba Fett dress samples? From Her Universe? Sure looks like it! I just got a package of new...

Wear Star Wars Every Day: Weeks 9 – 10

The doyen of daily fashion statements James Floyd returns to bring us his wardrobe from weeks 9 and 10 of Wear Star...

‘Rogue One’ Nixon Watches Collection

Nixon released a collection of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story watches.

New ‘The Last Jedi’ Apparel and Accessories Arriving on Force Friday

New apparel and accessories will be released on Force Friday.

New European Rogue One Apparel Range From SD Toys

SD Toys reveal their European range of Rogue One t-shirts.

Nerdist News and ANOVOS holiday giveaway!

Via the infinitely huggable Consetta Parker, check out this competition via The Nerdist. (W)e couldn’t just send you off into...

Top 5 Favorite Designs From the Her Universe Fashion Show 2017

Johnamarie looks at her favorite designs from the Her Universe Fashion Show 2017.

Galactic Fashion: Episode 20

Tune in to Johnamarie and Teresa for the latest episode of Galactic Fashion

R2-KT May The 4th Patch

Just in time for May 4th, a new R2-KT patch supporting the Peter Mayhew Foundation.

A ‘Groovy’ New Jedi Bathrobe To Chill In!

Chill like a Jedi in this Jedi (Bath)robe (or a Galactic Robe in black) available from Argos now -- happy hunting!

Wear Star Wars Every Day: Week 11

It's time to join the fabulously frocked Jawa James as he takes us through his 11th week of Star Wars fashion.

ANOVOS Replicating Past Techniques: Paint Weathering, Decals, and Hand-Cutting!

ANOVOS take a look at the process that went into creating the Tatooine Stormtrooper helmet.

On The Shelves UK: ‘Lego Star Wars’ T-Shirts

Spotted at Lego Windsor was this awesome Star Wars Lego t-shirt featuring the one and only Yoda! A photo posted...

Wear Star Wars Every Day: Week 22

It's week 22 of Wear Star Wars Every Day...

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