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How A ‘Star Wars’ Actress Started A Fangirl Fashion Revolution

Ashley Eckstein talks to Observer about the wonderful success of Her Universe.

Po-Zu’s ‘Star Wars’ Footwear Collection Now Available For Pre-Order

Celebrate "May the Fourth" by pre-ordering a new pair of shoes from the 'Star Wars' footwear collection by Po-Zu.

Sale On Selk’bag ‘Star Wars’ Wearable Sleeping Bags

Ditch that plain old sleeping bag for one of these bad boys instead.

Po-Zu Force Friday Event

We wrap up our Force Friday coverage with a visit to the Museum of Brands and the Po-Zu launch event.

Star Wars Kinect: Georgia Graham Week Nine

Jedi News and Xbox 360 UK have worked closely together this year to bring you all the latest news and...

New Star Wars Themed Halloween Shirts from Her Universe

New Halloween shirts land from the team over at Her Universe...

Anovos 1st Teir Pricing Deadline Approaches

Anovos’ tier one pricing ends on 31st January for anyone looking to invest in a life-size First Order Trooper. Check out anovos.com website for full details.

Galactic Fashion, Episode 03: Sam Skyler

It's time to join Johnamarie over at Galactic Fashions. Galactic Fashion is a monthly, interview-based podcast dedicated to Star Wars and...

SDCC 2014: Her Universe Fashion Show

Her Universe run by the talented Ashley Eckstein has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. The year of 2013 was...

Limited Edition Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas is coming and so are the sweaters...

Wear ‘Star Wars’ Every Day: Weeks 49 & 50

Weeks 49 and 50 of Wear Star wars Every Day 2016 are here

Love and Madness Releases “Ships Happen” Wrap Bracelet

Accessories brand Love and Madness recently added a new wrap bracelet to their Star Wars jewelry collection.

Channel Your Inner Rey With Elhoffer Design’s Galactic Scavenger Hooded Cape

Elhoffer Design's latest garment is the Galactic Scavenger Hooded Cape.

Galactic Fashion: Episode 26

Join Johnamarie and Teresa for the 26th episode of Galactic Fashion to discuss the latest news from SDCC and D23.

Wear Star Wars Every Day: Week 17

17 weeks in and he's still stylin' and profilin', so join Jawa James as he brings us the latest edition of Wear...

Rogue One Shirts Available for Pre-Order at EMP

Fans in Europe will soon have access to a collection of Rogue One shirts and sweaters through the merchandise store EMP...

The Comlink: Fourth of July Parade with the 501st and Rebel Legions

The Southern California Garrison of the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion’s Sundrider Base came out to celebrate the...

Her Universe Giant Sale – Up to 40% Off

The image says it all... head over to Her Universe for their GIANT sale with up to 40% off select items from now...

Wear Star Wars Every Day: Weeks 43 & 44

Join James for the latest Wear Star Wars Every Day, weeks 43 and 44

New American Tourister ‘Star Wars’ Luggage Includes ‘Rogue One’ Designs

New Star Wars themed pieces are now available.

Love and Madness Jewelry Now Available at HerUniverse.com

HerUniverse.com is now carrying jewelry from the Love and Madness 'Star Wars' collection.

Vader’s Fist Tees June 10th – 24th

R2-KT make available the Vader's Fist 20th Anniversary logo shirt.

Po-Zu Release Their First Ltd Ed Womens Co-Branded ‘Star Wars’ | Po-Zu Sneakers

Po-Zu launch their latest footwear, the Limited-Edition High-Top Silver Resistance Sneaker.

Wear Star Wars Every Day: Week 11

It's time to join the fabulously frocked Jawa James as he takes us through his 11th week of Star Wars fashion.

Galactic Fashion: Episode 11

It's time to join Johnamarie Macias and Teresa Delgado for the latest episode of Galactic Fashion, brought to you by...

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