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Five Characters Missing From The ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailers

Here are five characters who we've found to be missing from the latest trailers and TV spots.

‘Star Wars’ Merchandise Sales Booming

The Star Wars franchise is one of the most-loved epics worldwide, earning an incredible USD 30.5 billion over 40 years.

Can ‘The Last Jedi’ Beat The Box Office Numbers Of ‘The Force Awakens’? 

Do you think that The Last Jedi has the potential to break the record set by The Force Awakens? Not long to wait now!

Jedi News On Sky News Sunrise Talking ‘The Last Jedi’

James Burns talks about The Last Jedi trailer on Sky News Sunrise.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters In The ‘Star Wars’ Universe?

Do you think that there are Game of Thrones characters in the Star Wars universe?

Three Things You Never Knew About The Rancor

Some interesting facts about the Rancor.

NYCC 2017: Follow Jedi News On Social Media

Catch Jedi News live from NYCC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Fan Expo Canada 2017: Event Report By Nicholas Moreau

Nicholas Moreau covers Fan Expo Canada 2017.

Force Friday II: Fans Buy New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Products At Disney...

In a competition run by Jedi News, fans attended the Disney Store in London's Oxford Street to get new their hands on the new products first.

Force Friday II: Win Tickets To Attend Disney Store Event In London

Win a pair of exclusive tickets for the midnight opening of the flagship Disney Store in London's Oxford Street - only with Jedi News!

Exciting Times Ahead For Online VR Players

As VR gets better and better, so does online VR playing too - who knows it might be the future of gaming!

Game Shows And The TV Careers of Stormtroopers

Stormtroopers and games shows....? You better believe it!

‘The Last Jedi’ – New Planets & Destinations

We look forward to visiting lots of new planets and destinations in The Last Jedi, including a visit to a casino like location called Canto Bight.

Ranking The Best ‘Star Wars’ Movies

Which are your favourite Star Wars movies?

It’s High Time Sci-Fi Was Represented More In iGaming Industry

With Sci-Fi making a big return to cinema where is the representation in the iGaming sector?

The Ins And Outs of Sabacc

Dejarik is at heart a rudimentary version of chess, with grappling monsters battling out each move holographically.

501st UK Garrison ‘Heroes of the Empire’ Full Trailer

We are delighted to share the much anticipated trailer for the 501st UK Garrison documentary entitled 'Heroes of the Empire' created by Speechless Films.

New Casino City In ‘The Last Jedi’, What Do We Know?

What do we know about the new casino city visited in The Last Jedi?

Jedi News Special Offer: Official ‘Star Wars’ Fragrances

Get some great deals on some aromatic treats with KeepMe.

Win ‘Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon From Royal Selangor

As one competition ends, another begins…. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, released on May 25th 1977 in just 32 cinemas in the...

How ‘Star Wars’ Has Influenced Gaming

Star Wars gaming has a long and colourful history.

Happy 73rd Birthday George Lucas

Many happy returns George Lucas.

When The Galaxy Listens: The Documentary

It's finally here, When The Galaxy Listens: The Documentary.

40 Years Of Star Wars, A Decade of Jedi News

Celebrating 40 years of 'Star Wars' and a decade of Jedi News.

‘Star Wars’ Battlefront II Coming November 17th

Battlefront II, out on Nov 17th, promises to address lots of the issues of the original game.

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