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Mark Newbold
Mark is the Daily Content Manager for Jedi News as well as the Program Director, and co-host of RADIO 1138 and Take Cover on the Jedi News Network.

Which Actor Plays Darth Vader In Rogue One?

The status of Darth Vader in Rogue One is somewhat confused

Galactic Fashion: Episode 20

Tune in to Johnamarie and Teresa for the latest episode of Galactic Fashion

Helix Revisit Their Classic Line Of Star Wars Stationary!

A much loved vintage collectible range returns from the netherworld of the Force

Fly Casual Episode 119# : Were That It ‘Twere So Simple

It's time for episode 119 of Fly Casual

Soundstage Events: Tuesday 24th January 2017: Gary Kurtz

Gary Kurtz is the latest Soundstage Events guest

Radio Free Tatooine Episode 96: Woody And Han Are A GO!

Woody and Han, stars of the next Star Wars standalone and not Toy Story 4

Laura Dern Talks Carrie Fisher And Episode VIII: ‘What an Incredible Gift’

Laura Dern talks about the late Carrie Fisher

Cloud City Casino Episode 63: Our Rogue One Debate/Reactions

Nate and Michael discuss Rogue One on Cloud City Casino

Season of the Force Kicks Off At Disneyland Paris

Season of the Force is in full swing at Disneyland Paris

Melinda’s Brew: Move Along. Move Along

Melinda's Brew looks at the next era

Brews and Blasters 103: Tish Nip Ib

You'll be Ishi 'mazed by the topic of the latest Brews and Blasters

Rogue One: Mission’s End

How the events of Rogue One changed the Star Wars galaxy

Of Dice and Droids Episode IX: Drive It Like You Stole It

Roll out for the latest episode of Dice And Droids

Rebels Reactions: “Visions And Voices”

Rebels Reactions looks at Voices And Visions

How Rogue One Changes The Perception Of Star Wars: A New Hope

How Rogue One adds a different point of view on the '77 classic

Rogue One Takes 2016 Number One Spot

Rogue One nabs another record as it becomes the number one film of 2016

Coventry Comic Con: Sunday 1st October 2017

Coventry Comic Con comes to Ryton and brings a galaxy of stars along for the ride

Wampa’s Lair #215: Star Wars Rooms

Head for the ice cave and the Wampa's Lair

Vader’s Rogue One Moment Was a Late Addition

Darth Vader's most action-packed moment was a very late addition to Rogue One

The Cantina Cast #160: K-2SO & Captain Cassian Andor Mini Dissection

Mike and Joao return for the Cantina Cast

Seasons of the Force Arrives At Disneyland Paris

Seasons of the Force kicks off in Disneyland Paris

Official Site: Choose Your Dream Team In Force Arena

Dan Brooks talks Force Arena with Lucasfilm lead game producer Kristoffer Bergqvist

Full of Sith Special Release: Star Wars and Disney Parks with Scott Renshaw

Join Bryan for the latest Full of Sith

Galactic War Report Episode 39: Plo Koon and The Week The Meta Stood Still

Join the RFT team for the latest Galactic War Report

Art of VFX Chats With John Knoll About Rogue One

Art of VFX discusses the magic of Rogue One with John Knoll

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