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Mark Newbold
Mark is the Daily Content Manager and Program Director for Jedi News and the podcast network. He co-hosts RADIO 1138 and Take Cover on the Jedi News Network.

Rebel Force Radio August 18, 2017: Updates From THE LAST JEDI, HAN SOLO And...

Join Jimmy, Jason and guest Pete Nadel for this weeks Rebel Force Radio.

Hasbro ‘Star Wars’: Black Series Exclusive at MCM Comicon

Captain Rex comes to MCM Comicon.

JAT Drive #5: It’s A CAT & JAT Drive!

Join James and Cat on a hyperdrive.

Brews and Blasters 131: Force Friday II Preview Need’Em Got’Em Spectacular

Force Friday 2 is heading in fast and Brews and Blasters discuss that.

Radio Free Tatooine Episode 123: Red Pants For Chewie

Here's the latest from the Jundland Wastes via Radio Free Tatooine.

‘Forces Of Destiny’ Toys Reduced Already

Forces of Destiny figures already hitting deep discount in the UK.

See Taylor Gray At The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Go see Taylor Gray in his latest play at the Edinburgh Fringe, then meet him afterwards.

Could ‘Indiana Jones’ Land Be Coming To Animal Kingdom?

Could Indy be heading to Animal Kingdom for his next adventure?

CWK Show #81: “Trying To Get My Porg On”

Mark and Mike Rondeau join Dan for a fun episode of Coffee With Kenobi.

‘Star Wars’ And littleBits

Get creative and sign up to littleBits.

Steele Wars Ep141: LIVE! Kyle Newman – Deep Into ‘Star Wars’ Mythology

Kyle Newman joins Steele Saunders for his latest episode.

The Wampa’s Lair #242: Top 5 ‘Star Wars’ Disney Characters

Be a force of destiny and head into the Wampa's Lair.

‘Star Wars’ Action News Episode 495: Summer ’17 Cons: D23 & SDCC

Join Daryl, Arnie and Marjorie for the latest Star Wars Action News.

Author Daniel Wallace Takes Fans ‘On The Front Lines’ Of Epic ‘Star Wars’ Battles

Over at the official site, Dan Wallace discusses his latest book Star Wars On The Front Lines.

The Chase | ‘Star Wars’ Blips

BB-8 is the star of the latest Star Wars Blips.

Brews and Blasters 130: EW Pics, Poahgs and Captain Quint

Meet the Poahgs on the latest Brews and Blasters.

Legends Library: New Jedi Order Part 6

Hush hush for the latest Legends Library.

‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’: ‘Crisis on Umbara’ Teaser Trailer

It's time to rejoin the worlds of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Full of Sith Episode CCXXIX: ‘The Last Jedi’ Articles

Join the gang for the latest Full of Sith.

Wraith Squadron Podcast – Transmission V: The Art of Regen

Roll the dice for the latest Wraith Squadron podcast.

Luke Skywalker And The Red Kyber Crystal

Could Luke be wearing his fathers red kyber crystal around his neck in The Last Jedi?

Star Scavengers Episode #20: Mygeeto Burrito

Join Aaron and Johnamarie for the latest episode of Star Scavengers.

Ion Cannon #97: Freemaker Adventures 203 “The Tower of Alistan Nor”

Join Tom, Stephen, and William for episode 97 of Ion Cannon.

‘Star Wars’ Report #293: It’s All Connected?

Join Riley and Bruce for episode #293 of the Star Wars Report.

Rebel Force Radio: August 11, 2017: ‘The Last Jedi’ EW Cover Story

Jason and Jimmy are here with this weeks RFR.

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