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Star Wars Report #213: Hold Up, Hold Up. Dubrovnik?!

It's time to join your hosts Riley, Bethany and Mark over at Star Wars Report. How did Han earn a...

Wampas Lair #163: The Awakening Of 2015

It's time to join hosts Karl and Jason for the latest episode of The Wampa's Lair. Karl and Jason recap...

Official Site: 5 Times Palpatine Was Right

Amy Ratcliffe brings us her latest offering on StarWars.com as she looks at 5 times the Emperor was right. ...

NOMCAST Episode 5

Join Jon, Lisa, Nancy and Mark for NOMCAST

NOMCAST Episode 4

It's time to join Jonathan, Lisa, Nancy and Mark for Nomcast. Episode 4 - 18th August 2014....

NOMCAST Episode 3

Join Nancy, Lisa, Mark and Jon for the latest NOMCAST

NOMCAST Episode 2

Join Mark, Nancy, Jon and Lisa for NOMCAST

NOMCAST Episode 1

Join Jon, Mark, Lisa and Nancy for the first episode of NOMCAST

Fantasy Flight Games: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game Launches 17th December 2012

The Edge of the Empire Beginner Game arrives in stores this coming Monday, 17th December and it's all set to...

X-Wing Miniatures Game Review: Full Video

Yesterday we premiered a short video of the Jedi News team of RPG Editor Jonathan Hicks and News Editor Mark...

X-Wing Miniatures Game Review: Short Video

The Jedi News team of RPG Editor Jonathan Hicks and News Editor Mark Newbold were thrilled to be invited to...

Xbox 360 Star Wars Bundle Unboxing

Microsoft were kind enough to provide Jedi News with the limited edition Artoo Detoo Xbox Kinect and a copy of Star Wars...

Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars Review

Jon and Mark review the new X-Box Kinect

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