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Johnamarie Macias
Johnamarie is the Apparel Editor for Jedi News as well as the co-host of Galactic Fashion, an apparel centric podcast on the Jedi News Network.

Star Scavengers #25: Happabore Chase

Join Johnamarie and Aaron for the latest episode of Star Scavengers.

Rebels Chat, Episode 88: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 4 Trailer #2 Discussion

It's time for the next episode of Rebels Chat.

Star Scavengers 024: Explosive Kyber

Star Scavengers 24 arrives in your ear canals.

Star Scavengers 023: Qalydon Crystals

Check out the latest episode of Star Scavengers.

Rebels Chat, Episode 87: ‘Looking for Leia’ Documentary Film

It's time for the latestRebels Chat.

‘Star Wars’ Fashion Bloggers: The Kessel Runway’s Force Friday Coverage

The Kessel Runway keeps fans up-to-date with the latest Force Friday fashion news!

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Panel at Fan Expo Canada 2017

Watch the Star Wars Rebels Panel at Fan Expo Canada 2017.

New ‘The Last Jedi’ Apparel and Accessories Arriving on Force Friday

New apparel and accessories will be released on Force Friday.

New ‘Star Wars’ Inspired Products Available at Elhoffer Design

New 'Star Wars' inspired products from Elhoffer Design.

Star Scavengers #22: Ranat Nightmares

Join Aaron and Johnamarie for episode 22 of Star Scavengers.

Add More ‘Star Wars’ to Your Wardrobe With These Latest Releases

New Star Wars clothes have been popping up on some of our favorite websites, including BoxLunch, Hot Topic, and Her Universe.

Rebels Chat, Episode 86: ‘Clone Wars’, Season Three, Episodes 21-22

Rebels Chat looks at episodes 21-22 of the third season of The Clone Wars.

‘Star Wars’ Cardigan and AT-AT Poodle Skirt Arrive at BoxLunch

New 'Star Wars' products by Her Universe arrive at BoxLunch.

STATE Launches New Line of ‘Star Wars’ Backpacks

StarWars.com interviews STATE, a backpack company that recently launched a new line of 'Star Wars' backpacks.

Her Universe Takes a Closer Look at the SDCC Fashion Collections

Ashley Eckstein gave fans a closer look at the fashion collections released at SDCC 2017.

S.T. Dupont’s ‘Star Wars’ Collection Surfaces Online at the Disney Store

A new, sophisticated 'Star Wars' collection is here thanks to French luxury brand S.T. Dupont.

Keep ‘Star Wars’ Close to Your Heart With Fandango FanShop’s Exclusive Necklace

Check out this exclusive 'Star Wars' necklace from the Fandango FanShop.

Latest From ThinkGeek: New ‘Star Wars’ Accessories and Chiffon Robe

Check out the latest 'Star Wars' fashion products from ThinkGeek.

Top 5 Favorite Designs From the Her Universe Fashion Show 2017

Johnamarie looks at her favorite designs from the Her Universe Fashion Show 2017.

D23 Expo 2017: Her Universe Unveils Tribute Pieces to Princess Leia

Her Universe unveils tribute pieces to Princess Leia at D23 Expo 2017.

‘Star Wars’ Fashion Collection From Her Universe Coming to SDCC

Her Universe will debut a new Star Wars fashion collection at SDCC 2017.

Rebels Chat, Episode 84: Dave Filoni Interview

Johnamarie and Maria catch up with Star Wars Rebels supervising director and executive producer, Dave Filoni.

Ashley Eckstein Signing Print Featuring Artwork From Exclusive ‘Forces of Destiny’ Shirt at D23

Ashley Eckstein will be signing a print that features artwork from Her Universe's exclusive Star Wars Forces of Destiny tee at D23.

Naboo Themed Sweater and Skirt Coming Soon to Her Universe

Her Universe will be releasing a Naboo themed sweater and skirt soon.

Star Tours Celebrates 30th Anniversary With D23 Expo Merchandise

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Tours, Disney will be releasing exclusive merchandise at D23 Expo 2017.

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