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John portrayed Dak Ralter, Luke Skywalker’s Gunner during the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. When Jeremy Bulloch played an Imperial Officer, he needed someone to cover him as Fett. Morton being similar in height was a body double for two days in costume. He filmed with another unit, the sequence when Fett confronts Darth Vader in the Bespin hallway during Han Solo’s torture – while Bulloch filmed his scenes as the Imperial Officer. Afterwards he left Hollywood and eventually settled in public relations work back in Annapolis.

Garrick Hagon: Red Three And The Call To Adventure

John 'Dak' Morton and Garrick Hagon talk Star Wars and more

Official Site: Being Biggs: A Conversation With Garrick Hagon

Two X-wing heroes go head to head

Dak’s 4th and Final on TFA: Maz Kanata and the Land of Phoenician Dust

The true depiction of fantastic reality is often mistaken, yes, for the bogus renderings of the Yaqui way of knowledge. The...

Dak’s 3rd on TFA: The Force Awakens Another Who Interprets The Han Child

In this Galaxy, we people of the dream are drawn to one another. A fan stands before Dak’s autograph table at...

Dak’s 2nd on TFA: Madam Sosostris Channels Kylo Ren and La Forza del...

After a time of brooding into the sinister candle, that is to say the one on her left, she returns to the...

Dak’s 1st on TFA: Madam Sosostris Foretells of the Force-Awakened Fisher King

In early December, Dak and Ezra were in New York for WinterCon along with other Star Wars guests, the other three Fetts...

John Morton & Taylor Gray on Topps Talk

Taylor Gray and John Morton join Topps Talk

Official Site: Interview: Bill Hargreaves – Former Jawa Scavenger And Galactic Prop Man

Join me as I chat with A New Hope prop master Bill Hargreaves over at StarWars.com. Propmeister Bill...

Jedi News Interview: Vanessa Marshall: The Consummate Star Wars Ambassador

John 'Dak' Morton in conversation with Star Wars Rebels star Vanessa Marshall

Official Site: Interview: Sterling Hershey, Cartographer Of The Galaxy

I talk with Sterling Hershey, the man who maps the galaxy over at StarWars.com. Game designer Sterling Hershey...

Stars Out In Force At London Film And Comic Con

#StarWars stars Pat Carr, Robert Watts, Gary Kurtz & Jeremy Bulloch at #LFCC. It's a rare gathering of the Galaxy. pic.twitter.com/xARuBcyqRp— John 'Dak' Morton...

Jedi News Interview: James Luceno: A Force Re-Awakened and On His Feet

Best-selling Star Wars author Jim Luceno and Dak vowed to meet again at their favorite tapcaf in Tierfon, 49 West,...

Jedi News Interview: Ryder Windham: A Star Wars Ultimate

While at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, Dak and Star Wars author Ryder Windham got a chance to chat while...

Official Site: Real Star Wars Heroes Gather At Celebration Anaheim

Closely following the Celebration opening ceremonies on Thursday afternoon, I had the honor to host a panel on Star...

Critiquing Star Wars Novels vs. The Insider Short Stories

Star Wars books need to be more like the @SW_Insider short stories.— Jason Hamilton (@StoryHobbit) March 27, 2015 @StoryHobbit...

Jedi News Interview: James Luceno: Continuing the Galactic Quest for Prester John

John Morton chats with fellow author James Luceno

Official Site: Interview: John Ratzenberger – Major Bren Derlin, Master Of The Improv

Head on over to StarWars.com where I chat with my fellow The Empire Strikes Back Rebel, John Ratzenberger. ...

Official Site: Boba Fett Reunions: It’s Getting To Be A Family Affair…For Clones!

My latest article arrives over at StarWars.com. Bespin Boba (a.k.a. Dak) most recently joined two other Fetts, Daniel...

Official Site: Bruce Logan The Special Effects Jedi Who Blew Up The Death Star

Here's my latest article over at StarWars.com. In late October, clone-Fetts Dickey Beer and Bespin Boba rendezvoused in...

Cincinatti Comic Expo: Star Wars Boba Fett Reunion Panel

Listen to the men from their perspective of the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy

Jedi News Exclusive: Slave Leia Gave The Kiss Of Life To Jabba’s Gamorrean Guard!

Dickey Beer, one of the world’s most in-demand stunt performers and coordinators, revealed last weekend that he owes his very life to...

John Morton Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

John does the ALS ice bucket challenge

Official Blog: “Which Side Are You On?”—This Winter’s Pensacola and Lexington Cons

One of the last conversations I have at the March 2014 Lexington Comic & Toy Convention is with a...

Official Blog: Shake Hands with the Money: Remembering David Tomblin, First Assistant Director

Over at the official site John Morton remembers David Tomblin

Chris Malcolm: Science Fiction, Double Feature

John Morton remembers his friend Christopher Malcolm

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