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James is an active member of the Star Wars collecting community, and is the Brand Director for Jedi News. James is also the host of the Star Wars Collectors Cast, and co-host of RADIO 1138 on the Jedi News Network.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019: Send-Ins for Star Wars Authentics Now Live

Can’t make it to Star Wars Celebration? Have no fear – you can now send in your item to be signed by the participating actors!

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019: Star Wars Podcast Meetup

Star Wars podcasts and their listeners to get together at Star Wars Celebration Chicago to share the joy of this saga and fandom together!

Lattes With Leia #37: Friendships in Star Wars

Join Amy and Andrea for episode 37 of Lattes With Leia.

Starships, Sabers, And Scoundrels #75.2: Talking Art with Michael Pasquale

Episode 75.2 of Starships, Sabers and Scoundrels has arrived.

Star Wars Report #371: Galaxy’s Edge Opening Dates + Fortress Vader Discussion

Episode 371 of Star Wars Report flies in.

Blast Points Podcast #162 – The Richard Pryor Show Star Wars Bar deep dive...

Join Jason and Gabe for episode 162 of Blast Points Podcast.

ANOVOS Replicating Past Techniques: Paint Weathering, Decals, and Hand-Cutting!

ANOVOS take a look at the process that went into creating the Tatooine Stormtrooper helmet.

ForceCast: March 11th – In The Queen’s Shadow

Ryan and Daniel are back with the latest episode of the Forcecast.

Another Night at the Warp Core Café by Jeff Carlisle

Another Night at the Warp Core Café by Jeff Carlise is available to order from tomorrow (14th March) from Pulse Gallery.

Kanata’s Castle #51: It’s The Star Wars Spew!

Cross the moat for episode #51 of Kanata's Castle.

Designing Star Wars Resistance

Kristin Baver talks with Amy Beth Christenson, the art director on Star Wars Resistance, about kit bashing Ace's Racers, how Flix relates to the Ewoks, and how BB-8 was reimagined.

Star Wars Bookworms #99: The Assassin Queen

Join the Bookworms crew looking at the latest books and more (99).

Databurst From The 501st – Events through to March 19th 2019

It's time for the databurst from the 501st, via Roqoo depot (408), listing events the 501st will be attending through to March 19th 2019.

Full Of Sith Episode CCCVIII: The Beginning

It's time to join the team for the latest episode of Full of Sith.

The Star Wars Underworld: The Kazuda Kast – No Escape (Part 1)

Join Dominic and guests to discuss the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance on The Kazuda Kast.

TechnoRetro Dads: Video Game Cartoons Make a Splash on Saturday Mornings

JediShua and Shazbazzar are back with the latest episode of the TechnoRetro Dads podcast.

Wookiee Radio 102: Hold My Blue Milk

Wookiee Radio episode 102 roars to life.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019: Ahmed Best & Erin Kellyman Autographs On Sale Now!

Star Wars Celebration autograph and photo op tickets for Ahmed Best, Erin Kellyman and more are on sale now!

Skytalkers – Resistance: No Escape, Part 1

Skytalkers - join Charlotte Errity and Caitlin Plesher as they talk about pressing and existing topics in the Star Wars universe.

Ion Cannon #274: Resistance 120 “No Escape: Part 1”

Ion Cannon #274 blasts off.

Preview the Vulture-class Droid Fighter Expansion Pack for X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games preview the Vulture-class Droid Fighter Expansion Pack for X-Wing coming later this quarter.

Topps Star Wars Galactic Moments: Countdown to Episode IX, Week 12

Three new Star Wars Galactic Moments cards are available from Topps, as part of their countdown to Episode IX (week 12).

DorkLair #81: General (SH Figuarts Obi-Wan Kenobi RotS)

Bill and Larry recap some action figure news and more in episode 81 of DorkLair.

Geeky Bubble, Episode 127: Resistance – Descent

It's time for episode 127 of Geeky Bubble (formerly Rebels Chat).

Will Star Wars: Rise of the Resitance Be The Most Ambitious Attraction Ever?

Forbes compares Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance to the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody; in that Disney have ditched a three minute ride for a magnum opus!

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