Walk Like a Wookiee with Po-Zu’s Chewie Boot

Po-Zu Shoes unveiled a new boot from their upcoming Star Wars footwear collection: the Chewie boot!

Inspired by everyone’s favorite Wookiee, the Chewie boot will be made available in women and children’s sizes, and they’re perfect for cold temperatures and Chewbacca inspired outfits. Plus, they’re adorable! As Po-Zu recommended in their official blog, they’ll go perfect with a pair of skinny jeans. I also recommend an oversized sweater or the Chewbacca pullover sweater or “Chewie, We’re Home” t-shirt from Her Universe. If you really want to pull of the Chewbacca look, then you have to complement the boots with the I Am Chewie hoodie from WeLoveFine.

As the chilly winter winds sweep, prepare to be shod like a Wookiee with our forthcoming AW17 Star Wars Po-Zu boot. We are thrilled to launch this key model called Chewie, from our co-branded collection; a rather perfect complement to every Chewbacca outfit, or, possibly more snazzy with a pair of skinny jeans.

These Wookiee warrior boots will be available from August this year for women and children. They are vegan, made in faux fur, with a built-in shock-absorbing coconut fibre Foot-Mattress™, and a highly flexible natural latex sole.

Pre-orders for this boot and the rest of the collection will go up later this spring and the entire collection will be released later in August.

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(Photo: Po-Zu)