‘Star Wars’ Fashion Bloggers: The Kessel Runway’s 10-Part ‘Star Wars’ Fashion Series

It’s been two months since Star Wars Celebration landed in Orlando, Florida, but The Kessel Runway (TKR) has been keeping the conversation going over the past 10 weeks.

TKR presented a panel at Celebration as part of the Collecting Track, entitled “The Growing Galaxy of Women’s Star Wars Fashion,” and since then, the panel has been broken down into sections:

  • Part 1: Collecting apparel and accessories as a hobby
  • Part 2: The history of women’s Star Wars fashion
  • Part 3: The rise of companies producing women’s Star Wars fashion items
  • Part 4: Fashion as a form of self-expression
  • Part 5: Female and prequel character representation
  • Part 6: Designer apparel on the fashion runway
  • Part 7: Every day cosplay
  • Part 8: Fan made fashion
  • Part 9: TKR’s personal favorite notable fashion items
  • Part 10: Panel video

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