Sith Trooper Merchandise Arriving September 1, Interesting Detail About Them Revealed

The official site has been updated today with news pertaining to the release of Sith Trooper merchandise scheduled to arrive in stores and online September 1. With Lucasfilm’s “Triple Force Friday” shopping event slated for October 4, this latest update will allow fans the opportunity to bring home items centered around this new red-clad trooper class more than a month in advance of that event.

One item not listed in’s article, as brought to our attention by this post on Milner’s Blog, is a black t-shirt (click the image below for a larger view) featuring gray and white text with a very interesting description about who has command over the Sith Troopers:

Sith Trooper
The First Order Battalion
Only the finest troopers in the galaxy
Under the Strict Command of Kylo & The Knights of Ren

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Justin LaSalata
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