Second Star Wars Jewelry Collection by Justin Davis

Star Wars fans in Japan currently have access to a finely crafted jewelry collection inspired by the galaxy far, far away. Japanese brand Justin Davis recently announced a second collection of Star Wars jewelry, having released a first wave in October 2015. The original collection included rings of Darth Vader, C-3PO, and other iconic characters.
The second edition of this jewelry line features earrings, rings, and a Darth Vader necklace. Some of the pieces that stand out to me include the Jabba the Hutt earrings (which I find most interesting, since merchandise rarely focuses on this infamous crime lord), BB-8 ring and matching earrings, and the Death Star College Ring.
Since Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is coming out later this year, the Death Star College Ring is the perfect accessory to wear. Thankfully, the Justin Davis site makes it easy to purchase through their website. Fans can punch in the requested information and use PayPal as the paying method. Most of the time, international collections don’t ship to the United States, but this particular collection is a welcome exception.
Due to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship, the earrings range between $155 and $205, the rings fall between $155 and $540, and finally, the Darth Vader necklace is about $235. Visit the official online shop to add some of these sophisticated pieces to your personal jewelry collections.