RockLove Jewelry Teams Up With Disney and ‘Star Wars’

(Photo: RockLove Jewelry)

Exciting news from the jewelry world! New York City based company RockLove Jewelry has teamed up with Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars to create stylish jewelry collections inspired by these major franchises. Some of the licenses RockLove is already involved in include Stargate, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, and much more.

RockLove is teamed up with MARVEL, DISNEY, and STAR WARS! In creative collaboration with a couple major manufactures, this new venture allows me to design for some of my very favorite franchises without the limits of in-house production. From gemstones and sterling silver to more affordable silver-plate, the first collection hitting stores is for the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY MOVIE!

But the news doesn’t stop there. RockLove has been working with David Lynch and Showtime for the new TWIN PEAKS and our friends at ThinkGeek for FIREFLY – lovingly handcrafted by myself and team in NYC, coming soon in April/May.

And for those fearing my own artsy stuff will go by the wayside, I have TWO new personal collections in the works. Not ready to unveil, but unisex, chunky sterling silver and gems in limited edition runs… one inspired by a certain Parisian architectural element and the other by our upstate mountain explorations!

When the news was announced, the company received in response various congratulatory and supportive comments throughout social media from its loyal customers.

“Overwhelmed with gratitude,” wrote Allison Hourcade, jewelry designer and owner of RockLove Jewelry, on Facebook. “Your enthusiastic comments and support has made me feel like I can CONQUER THE WORLD! Went to sleep smiling, actually dreamed up a few designs in my sleep (a rare unsettling but productive phenomenon) and attacked this day with zeal!”

She went on to say that she recently worked on Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars pitches and that she looks forward to the day when she can start sharing graphics and photographs pertaining to the upcoming collections.

I will definitely be keeping a close eye on RockLove Jewelry moving forward, especially since their pieces truly capture the essence of the franchises they’re inspired by. Her Stargate jewelry has been on my wish list for several months now, so I look forward to making those purchases first while eagerly anticipating any future news on a Star Wars collection.

Visit RockLove Jewelry to browse through the rest of their collections and make sure to follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for future news and updates.