Brace yourselves because more Star Wars inspired shoes are coming! Most fans who dress up as Rey for conventions and the like will know that Rey’s boots from Star Wars: The Force Awakens were produced by footwear brand Po-Zu. Now, Po-Zu is proud to announce that they have entered a collaboration with Lucasfilm to bring a new collection that will include various replicas of shoes worn by key characters in the movies.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Po-Zu to bring high quality, ethically and sustainably made shoes and boots to a wider market,” said Sven Segal, the founder of Po-Zu, in a press release. “Star Wars is an amazing brand and an enduring franchise.”

The collection will debut at the FFANY trade show in New York City on November 30, 2016. It will later be made available to wholesale companies, and starting August 2017, the collection will go on sale for the general public.

This is exciting news, since fans want to see more Star Wars inspired shoes that aren’t sneakers. In 2015, Irregular Choice debuted the first wave of Star Wars heels and flats for female fans, followed by a second wave in 2016. However, the shoes came from a brand that specializes in eccentric colors and embellishments, and for many, they were too expensive. Po-Zu is just as expensive with shoes ranging somewhere between $100 and $230, but given that these shoes will go on sale next year, that’s plenty of time to save up.

Also, who knows? Maybe the brand will be present a selection of their shoes at Star Wars Celebration Orlando for another early look at the collection.

Stay tuned for the end of November when more images of the collection will surface via social media. In the meantime, make sure to follow Po-Zu on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.