OppoSuits Unveils New Star Wars Collection

OppoSuits recently unveiled their new collection of men’s Star Wars suits. The collection was first teased on September 7, and now, the first two suits are available for purchase.

“When your friends tell you that they find your lack of style disturbing, then these are the suits you are looking for. Whether you are applying for a job at the Jedi Temple or just going to a Halloween party at the Mos Eisley Cantina, wear one of these official Star Wars™ suits and the Force will be with you. Always.”

“Strong Force” features a colourful print with some of your favourite classic characters, while “Stormtrooper” is easier on the eyes with a white base and a Stormtrooper helmet/Imperial themed print. A few fans have already stated that they’ve found the perfect wedding suit, excited to enter a new chapter of their lives in a stylish and geeky way! Others have also expressed a desire to see these styles in children’s size as well as in a women’s cut.

I know OppoSuits is known for bold colours and unique styles, but I’d prefer to see something more subtle and inspired by Star Wars. Regardless, I know plenty of people who will excited to add these suits to their closets, especially since both suits are available at such affordable prices ($109.99).

Lastly, according to their site, they will release more suits next year, so to keep updated, make sure to sign up for the OppoSuits newsletter and suggest to them what you’d like to see in the future.