Official Site: DIY Han Solo Costume: Smuggle Candy In Style

Want a screen accurate Han Solo costume that will last you for decades? Then there’s no doubt that you need to go visit Anovos right away, but if you are looking to pull together a cheap and cheerful Han Solo style outfit for Halloween, then Holly Frey has a great idea for you over at

Got your heart set on a Han Solo costume, but you’re running short on time or funds? Not to worry. A trip through your local second-hand store and a little time at the sewing machine can have you outfitted as your favorite smuggler in a jiffy. Last year, I shared a quick way to makeover two XL long-sleeved T-shirts into a Princess Leia tunic, and this is a similar project. It isn’t going to be anywhere near screen accurate, but no one will be confused about who you’re dressed as.

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Mark Newbold
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