Who says there’s no place for Star Wars themed apparel in the workplace? We can put that narrow line of thinking to rest as Her Universe, in collaboration with ThinkGeek, will be releasing a new collection of corporate wear designed to add some spark to your daily work attire. Time to say adios to those plain old pant suits.

Corporate wear doesn’t have to be boring. We worked with Her Universe to design options for the Star Wars fan who lives in the business world but refuses to check her fandom at the door.

We were fortunate enough to team up with Ashley Eckstein once again to make this collection a reality. Our aim with these pieces was to give the Star Wars universe a fitting place in the work wardrobes of fangirls everywhere. These looks are understated — appropriate attire for a data entry temp or a senator. Some fashion’s all about the brand logos. We choose to make ours Empire or Rebel.