New Men’s Finn Jacket Available At WeLoveFine

Based on the Poe Dameron/Finn jacket from The Force Awakens™, this new men’s jacket from WeLoveFine is a big deal in the Resistance! Wear it for Halloween or a regular autumn day, it’s perfect for Star Wars™ fans on a budget.

It’s great that male fans have an officially licensed faux leather jacket that’s similar to the one worn by the characters in the film, especially one that’s an affordable price ($89). That said, female fans in the community have also expressed the wish to see the jacket in women’s sizes. There hasn’t been any update regarding a Poe/Finn jacket for women, but it always helps to reach out to WeLoveFine via social media and expressing that desire.

Also, here’s hoping we also see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™ apparel soon, especially since Rogue Friday is just around the corner. If anything pops up, be sure to find more news and updates right here at Jedi News.