New Images Of The Bioworld x Rogue One Collection Revealed

A Jyn Erso inspired purse? A Death Star crossbody bag? Rebel Alliance merchandise that doesn’t come in a bright orange color? Sign me up for the latest Rogue One: A Star Wars Story fashion accessories by Bioworld.

Items from the brand new line by the popular and fan favorite company have been available for pre-order at The Movie and TV Store for the past three weeks, but now, the listings have been updated to include images of the upcoming merchandise.


The detail that stands out most is the fact that the rebel inspired merchandise comes in olive green and deep blues and not in the vibrant orange that we’ve come to associate with the rebel pilot suits. That color would often clash with other clothing, so it’s great to see a different color palette that matches what we’ve seen from the standalone movie so far.

In addition to the bags, fans will also find Rogue One themed wallets, lanyards, baseball caps, and key chains. It would have been more ideal to have these products come out on September 30, since that’s the day dedicated to the release of Rogue One merchandise. Instead, all of these products will be released on November 30, 2016.

Visit The Movie and TV Store to place your pre-orders today, and read more about the collection over at