Nerdist News and ANOVOS holiday giveaway!

Via the infinitely huggable Consetta Parker, check out this competition via The Nerdist.

(W)e couldn’t just send you off into the polar vortex without giving you a chance to leave with some sweet swag. Remember when we gave away a hyper-detailed, movie-quality Darth Vader costume from ANOVOS? Well, now we’ve got a ready-to-wear TIE Fighter Pilot costume that you can win!
That’s right — this costume, valued at $1,500, is replicated from artifacts at the Lucasfilm Archives and is so meticulously detailed that it even includes the environmental/airflow features built into the helmet so you can wear it for extended periods of time without accidentally Force choking yourself.
In order to win, simply tweet this post with the hashtag #MyJediName and you’re automatically entered! Simply click here or craft a tweet of your own. Just be sure to enter by midnight on Monday, January 5, 2015 because then this post will make like Alderaan and disappear. (Hopefully sans explosion.)