Join the Rebellion When You Purchase This Jyn Erso Inspired Necklace

(Photo: Kay Jewelers)

When Chirrut ïmwe first met Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, he found her through the presence of her kyber necklace. When they parted, he told her, “The strongest stars have hearts of kyber,” and now, you can have your very own Jyn Erso inspired necklace by Kay Jewelers.

The 17-inch rose gold plated necklace features a rutilated quartz (also known angel’s hair quartz) in a rose gold sterling silver setting. It’s available for $199 (or $25 a month if you agree to their monthly payment plan) online at Kay Jewelers.

There’s also a second Jyn inspired necklace, but this particular option comes with diamonds and 36-inch long chain, bumping up the price tag to $3,399 (or $170 per month).

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