Galactic Fashion: Episode 20

Join Johnamarie and Teresa for the latest episode of Galactic Fashion.

Galactic Fashion is a monthly podcast dedicated to Star Wars and geek fashion, hosted by Johnamarie Macias and Teresa Delgado and part of the Jedi News Network. In episode 20, the two hosts talk about Her Universe updates, new Star Wars handbags from Bioworld, the latest from Kay Jewelers, and the teasers from Po-Zu’s Star Wars footwear collection! Plus, they interview (13:55) the latest member of Team Jedi News. Her name is Joelle (Instagram: @Joelle), a London girl who loves Star Wars, incorporates a Stormtrooper belt with her everyday clothes, and who’s a Young Person’s Ambassador for Alopecia UK. You can listen to episode 20 here on iTunes, contact us on Skype at JediNewsNetwork with your comments, views and opinions and be a part of the show.

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