Citizen Star Wars Watch Collection Now Fully Operational

The new limited edition Star Wars watch range from Citizen pays homage to Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and Death Star. The Official Site takes a closer look.

When approaching the drawing board to create the new Citizen x Star Wars collaboration, watch designer Donell Hutson drew from his own lifelong love of the galaxy far, far away and the characters that captured his childhood imagination. He and the rest of the Citizen team chose the characters that each of the five watches would represent: heroes Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, their antagonists Darth Vader and Boba Fett, and the fearsome Death Star space station.

Then they creatively found new ways to translate the essence of each one into a piece that would still meet the specific design standards to suit Citizen’s 100-year tradition of high-end craftsmanship and innovation. “I really wanted to take subtle cues from the different characters,” Hutson tells “But we want to make sure and have all of the elements that would excite a Star Wars fan. So we had to take some risks in terms of putting certain [things] in there.”

These risks meant dipping into color palettes not typically used by Citizen, but familiar among Star Wars devotees, avoiding brighter colors and opting for deeper hues. High grade stainless steel, fine leathers, advanced technology, and more define these fine timepieces, powered by Eco-Drive, Citizen’s patented light-powered technology.

And each one captures that essential Star Wars element of feeling well-worn and full of stories from previous adventures. “We were going for that slightly distressed kind of look,” Hutson says. “As things age and they start to get that lived-in feel, I think it holds more value to us.”

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