Channel Padmé’s Wardrobe with Elhoffer Design’s Galactic Queen Collection

Remember the Padmé Amidala inspired collection that was released years ago? Of course not because we never got one. Things are starting to look up for Padmé fans, however, now that Elhoffer Design is on the case. The geek fashion designer created several pieces inspired by the character, and now, you can incorporate them into your everyday wear.

Known as the Galactic Queen collection, you can pre-order the Galactic Twilight Dolman (based on Padmé’s blue robe from Attack of the Clones), Galactic Picnic Cardigan (based on the picnic gown from Attack of the Clones), and the Galactic Eclipse Oversize Sweater (based on the Tatooine blue dress from Attack of the Clones).

Customers can also pre-order the new Galactic Princess Cape that’s inspired by Princess Leia’s Bespin gown.

After you’re done pre-ordering, head on over to the Jedi News Network to listen to Galactic Fashion’s latest interview with Catherine Elhoffer to learn more about her small business and her thoughts on geek fashion.

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